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Final Fantasy Unlimited

Music and Sound:
Considering this is an Anime, i don't think i should have put the 'sound' part in, but what the hell. Final Fantasy Unlimited still has the fan favourite Chocobo theme in it, and the prelude. Two of the most beloved piecs of music from the Final Fantasy series. The music sometimes gets really dark and eary becuase the story itself is actually kind of like that. I found it REALLY corney though how they used the victory fanfare to show when they have defeated their enemies. I give it a 6/10.

2 young children have lost their parents to a strnge entity known as 'The black pillar', a strange beam of black light that rose out of the tokyo sea one night that their parents were investigating. They go out once in a while to try and find their parents, and the day that they found the way to 'The Neverland' kind of starteled them, becuase their father wrote a book about it! When they find the train station that leads them there, they see a young woman that is on the train. They embark off into the Neverland and so begins their journey. I give it a 7/10.

This is a very good looking Anime, very detailed, very good textures, and very great looking summons. The chocobo's don't look all that bad either, and all the characters are looking great! [except for one certain character who loves the chocobo's named Chocobaba...she thinks]. This show's graphics are very slick, very sharp, and very colorful. I give it a 10/10.

OVERALL: 8/10, i think SQUARE should have stuck with games on this one, or atleast let Nobuo keep writing the music. But then again, this new guy isn't that bad either. Plus the art team, very good though!
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