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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronical review

Music and Sound:
The music was written in a medievel and tribal manner, and was written by someone other than Nobuo Uematsu, however, i think thsi was a good change for thsi game becuase of the time and the story and characters. However, the music didn't range much, it was basically flutes, guitars (Or lutes), piccolos, and drums. But the music was usually happy, which gave the game a more Final Fantasy 1 feeling. The voice acting was poor they had 1 voice actor, that stayed the same for ever character, and only spoke for the story of each level. 6/10.

In the lnd, a great miasma covered al living things, and forced all beings to live in fear, that their caravaners would never return with the Myrth that can help them live. You are a character of your choice, on a caravan to save your villiage, and stop the miasma form destroyinf the world. 7/10, i've seen better stories. Mostly in Metal Gear Solid, they twist your head. If you liked thsi game, be sure to check out Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.

These graphics are kind of in their own league, the people and backgrounds both look very normal, which is quite rare for Final Fantasy Games. However, They give sort of a more pleasent feeling to the game, how everyone is so short, and the moogles are so fluffy! The magic however looks quite real, and i think deserves credit. Not much else about the graphics, except, that when you see a crystal that is gaurding a town, your reflection is on every face of the crystal, like a real mirror! 8/10.

Overall: 7/10.
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