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Final Fantasy AC Review


Music and sound:
In my opinion, this movie has possibly the best soundtrack of them all! Nobuo wrote mostly new music for this one, but he used some old ones: One Winged Angel, Aeris' Theme, Tifa's theme, Opening Bombing Mission and Tatakau Mono Tachi (a.k.a the FFVII Battle theme). Some of the greatest pieces of music on this soundtrack are: Water, Cloud Smiles, and Sign. Sign is very Nostalgic, and surprisingly somethign i would listen to when i'm sad... Which i rarley am, so that's saying alot. Cloud Smiles is a very calming piece of music that never ceases to amaze me, it is also very good msuic to listen to- but this is for any mood! Water is jsut very amazing, the way the instruments combine together to make an almost new instrument. I highly reccomend all three pieces. Now i havn't heard this in english (as it isn't out yet 0_0),but i think the voices for the japanese version are going to be alot better than the english...Except for Denzel...The guy who does his voice better be a hell of alot better. The sound effects were so real- For example, in eth very begginning, when it showed the end of FFVII w/ REDXIII running with those two kids... Yu could hear the rattling of the ornaments that REDXIII wore on him!!!!
Sound And Music: 10/10. Simply amazing.

2 years have past since the Meteor incident and the other happenings in Final Fantasy VII. A virus sweeping the planet that is known as Geostigma, and many children have been infected with it- The children...and Cloud (pronounced Clow-doo). A group of three men, three of JENOVA's 'sons', known as Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz (pronounced lah-tsu), are trying to gather all the children infected with Geostigma so that he can get them to take revenge on this planet, and forward their energy to revive JENOVA... But they nee done thing: the strange box with the last remaining cells of JENOVA in it. But who has it...?
Story: 9/10.

Impossible to tell the difference from real and not real, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children brought upon a new era of CG. Nothing i've seen cna compare to this, and nothing you have seen will prepare you for the great realistic and extroardinary graphics of this great action movie.
Graphcis: 15/10.

Overall: 13/10. BEST MOVIE EVER! MUST SEE!
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