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Final Fantasy IX REVIEW:

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy IX has the most playfull soundtrack SQUARE has ever released [aside from that of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced]. It features many versions of the chocobo theme, and a spanish style track called 'Vamo Alla Flamenco' which gives Zidane his character. SQUARE managed to use the sound to it's advantage, it can make the airship now have the sound of it's engines running and the chocobo peckind at the ground. Music and Sound score: 10/10.

The story here is that a member of a group of theives called Tantalus is set out to capture the princess of Alexandria, Garnet Til Alexandros III. Zidane finds her trying to sneak out of her castle, and they settle pn a deal: Because she wants to sneak out, she lets Zidane take her. You'd think it only works out or her eh? Well, Garnet get's to get out, and Zidane get's to steal her. Zidane falls n love with Garnet and decides to accompany her wherever she goes. Zidane being riddled by his own past and why he has a tail decides to take this also as an opportunity to know more about himself, one thing leads to another and he has to save the world! Story score: 6/10 becuase the saving the entier world thing gets old.

Everyone is a midget. It get's annoying. But these are pretty much the second best graphics i have seen in any video game i have ever played. he graphics go even greater in this game by being able to see the ripples in the water, the stone son the ground, and much more! i give the graphics a 9/10.

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