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Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy VIII introduced the first pointless OST track for final fantasy games, 'Eyes On Me'. Sure, it had some significance in the sense it was about Julia's lost love Laguana, but it oly showed Julia in a max of about 4 or 5 scenes. Other than that, it had a realy great and compeling soundtrack that deserves recognition and i recomend buying it or even downloading it. The sound wasn't as great as previous FF's, only in the FMV's i say. Like at the begining when Quistes is shooting that Spider Robot in Dollet [if you didn't destroy it] and the gun-hot sounds made it appear to me as one of the greatest Soundeffects in the game. I give the Music and Sound a 9/10.

The story of Final Fantasy VIII features a S.E.E.D mercenary named Squall Leonhart [known as Leon in Kingdom Hearts], that does everything himself and is known as the campus' lone-wolf. He is at his S.E.E.D ball when a woman named Rinoa Heartily asks him to dance. Amazed by the free hearted spirit of Rinoa, he starts to turn his own life around. Final Fantasy VIII is a story of love, that makes it one of my own personal favorites. I give the story an 11/10 for not just being a great story, but also adding twists, and romance.

The characters in Final Fantasy VIII no longer look like bowling balls with arms and legs, but more human. I love that in this game the characters never go inside you, they follow behind you the whle time. Also, the FMV's are some of the best SQUARE has ever released! I give Final Fantasy VIII's graphics 9/10.

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