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Final Fantasy VII Review

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy VII featured a GRWAT soundtrack, introducing one of the most famous and beloved FF tracks ever created, Aeris' theme. It also featured such a great song called 'One Winged Angel' that was in latin, and was also the theme for the final boss fight. It also had a much more adventurous sound effect system, witch picked out the sounds of the wind in the path to the northern crater and such. i gie the sound a 9/10.

You are Cloud Strife, an Ex-SOLDIER who is working for a rebel group called AVALANCHE, witch is runed by the father of his best friend, Tifa Lockhart. You start out simply as a small soldier, looking for money with no feelings. But when he meets the 21 year old Aeris Gainsborough, he turns upside down, and becomes more forgiving and more kind than ever. Madend by the fact that his old best friend kills Aeris, he goes on a quest to stop him, and soon enough, goes on a conquest to save the world. i give the story 10/10.

The graphics arwe very smooth, they have much better FMV scenes, and have a lutious 3D enviroment which is riddled with secrets, monsters, and even secrets under the sea. I give the graphics a 10/10.

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