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Final Fantasy V Review:

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy V pretty much perfects the Chocobo theme, giving it the good happy game feeling. But there still are alot of sad music played here. But despite all this, it somehow manages to blend into the background un-noticed, but still there. Strange, but it gives the game an odd feeling, like you don't know waht to hear next. And the SFX, like when people get bonked on the head, or when you are opening doors to inns and such, you actually hear the door opening, that's quite new. I give itall an 8/10.

The story revolves around a traveler named But'z [or for those of you with the PS1 veriosn, Bart'z] that is going on a journey to no-where in particular. He see's a meteor coming out of the sky and decides to check it out. When he get's ther he discover a young girl, who just happens to be a princess, that has gone to find her father. She is being attacked by goblins and But'z saves her, and afterwards they find the old man Galuf who has been crushed by the Meteor, and now can't remember anything. He soon remembers his name, and has the feeling he is also going to the wind shrine [where the princess, Rena's, father is] and decide sto accompany her there. They get attacked by monsters, and But'z [once again] saves them, they decide to go with But'z to te wind shrine, and soon meet up with the pirate Faris. Faris finds that Rena has the same necklace as Faris and decides to go with them. They find the wind shrine, and all recieve a special power from the crystals. Then all of those go together, and add up and end up having to save the world. I give it a 9/10.

Somehow this game looks a little more 3d than the rest, i can't quite put my finger on how, but it does. Also, you can begin to see facial expressions on characters faces. The characters now have a more intemate roll with the graphics, as they can now jump in cutscenes for little things like shocks, and even move out their arms to open doors in cutscenes. Also, you can see alot of detail put into backgrounds and Boco ibn this game! Amazing stunning graphics for it's time! I give it a well deserved 8/10.

Overall: 8.5/10
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