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Final Fantasy IV Review

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy IV introduced the most famous of all Final Fantasy tunes 'The Final Fantasy IV Prelude', which is now featured in almost every Final Fantasy Game, even in the anime 'Final Fantasy Unlimited'. It had a varying soundtrack that could go from a sad piece of music like Cry in Sorrow to a furious bit like it's battle theme. It also featured better sound effects, like when Cecil drops the Magma Rock in the well, you hear a dropping sound. I give the sound and music 10/10.

Final Fantasy IV is a story of redemption, Cecil, the leader of the Red Wings of Baron get suspicious of the kings order to destroy so many innocent people, and decides to go on a quest to stop the king and become a Paladin, whihc leads to much greater twists in the story line. I Give the story a 10/10.

In FFIV, they feature much more use for the colors the SNES can give, they use the different colors to turn the Sword of Legend translucent, and make the ground view from the top of mount Ordeals breathtaking. I Give the graphics a 10/10.

OVERALL:Enough said, 10/10.
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