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Final Fantasy II Review:

Final Fantasy 2 was the second Final Fanasy Game to be released, and was first mufactured in 1988. It had a larger story, better music, and more characters.

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy II introduced the famous 'Chocobo theme' which is very light, and very nice to listen to. It had a much, much, more mellow and depressing soundrack, everytine you took a step onto the world map, you would get depressed heaing the main theme. But his soundtrack GREATLY suited the story. The sound was the same as in FFI, battle sounds, and all. I give the Music/Sound a 10/10.

4 childhood friends in the town of Fynn, soon found them selves running for their lives, and were soon orphaned, and homeless. Firion, Maria, Gus[guy] and Leon, are running form the Emperor of Palamecia that was destrioying their home. After a short batle, they found themselves nin the small rebel town of Altair. All, but Leon. The 3 must now go around the world and search for their brother, Leon. The score or story: 8/10.

This time around, the newest Final Fantasy featured another venue, Snow. This made the world map even larger, and made the need for more vehicles. This introduced the Snowcraft, which could slide you across the snow with ease. The graphics in Final Fantasy 2 let tyhe game expand in textures in the ground and walls. I give the Graphics 9/10

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