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Final Fantasy X Review:

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy X featured great music, some of the tracks are amoung my favorite final fantasy music. "Auron's Theme" "To Zanarkand" "Someday the Dream Will End" are just some of the many great midi's in Final Fantasy X. When you hear Auron's theme it just changes the entire setting at that moment in the game you know Auron is there and you know he is gonig to do something to change everything. I just love the music in this game i rate it 9/10.

Dead for a thousand years,
A great terror arose from the deep,
It swept across the land,
A lone past still lingers,
Destiny can not be denied,

A burden grows heavier,
To the kingdom of the sun,
Across a vast sea,
A journey home begins...

That is the prolouge to the FFX Story. It sums the story up in 9 lines. You are Tidus and are the star of the Zanarkand Abes blitzball team. You go to a distant land 1000 years into the future by this huge monstrous thing called "Sin." When you arrive to the distant land you soon find out your home has been destroyed by Sin 1000 years ago. Your story begins... Personally i love the entire storyline so therefore I am giving the story a perfect 10/10.

The graphics in Final Fantasy X are greater than any previous final fantasy game released. The FMV's are just flat out amazing, they are so great it makes you wander how they could make something that clear. The only flaw i see that gets on my nerves alot is that when they are talking their mouthes sometimes don't go with the words and once they stop talking their mouthes continue to move. But they are the greatest graphics yet besides the ones following it so i will give the graphics a 10/10.

OVERALL: 9.5/10
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