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Final Fantasy X-2 Review:

Music and Sound:
Final Fantasy X-2's music and sounds were amoung my lower side i didn't like it much at all. I hated how the girls spoke and all was too girly for me, but i did love 1000 words and that entire concert thing yuna was in i thought it was great. But overall the midi's and sound were not that great compared to previous Final Fantasy's. I rate the music and sound a 6/10.

You play as Yuna, Rikku, and Paine and are members of what are now called The Gullwings and Yuna is now High Summoner even though she doesn't Summon anymore. They are out to try aand find out what happened to Tidus and in FFX we found out he was a dream and just faded away...New Yevon is having its problems and people do not like that they are hiding stuff from them. I think the story lacks and is not fulfilling when you have beaten it so i give the story a 7/10.

The graphics in Final Fantasy X-2 are good but they are not that much of an increase from X to X-2. The FMV's are still great and i love them, my fav FMV is the concert one with 1000 words. The graphics are still great and i was satisfied with the performance of the game but overall the entire game was lacking in all categories I give the graphics a 8/10.

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