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Vivi By: Red
  Artist: Red
Character: Vivi

Baralai By: Red
  Artist: Red
Game: FFX-2
Character: Baralai

Bomb By: Red
  Artist: Red
Game: FFTA
Character: Bomb

RED XIII By: route
  Artist: route
Character: RED XIII

TOA By: route
  Artist: route
Game:Tales of Abyss
Character: Anise Tatlin

Naruto By: route
  Artist: route
Anime: Naruto
Characters: Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi

Auron By: nicol
  Artist: Cloud
Game: FFX
Character: Auron

Auron & Tidus By: nicol
  Artist: Cloud
Game: FFX
Characters: Auron & Tidus

Nick Kang By: nicol
  Artist: Cloud
Game: True Crime Streets of L.A.
Character: Nick Kang

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