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The 1st Day

Event Chart

  • Opening movie
  • Start off with Roxas and friends
  • Conversation with the armor shop owner
  • Conversation with the accessory shop owner
  • Lock on to the cat on the roof with R1
  • Pick up a weapon (left: special, center: defense, right: attack)
  • Battle with Seifer

Pressing ○ repeatedly should do.

  • Go to the old mansion through the woods
  • Battle with Unknown Enemy

You can slide-turn with △ but cannot inflict damage.

After an event you will be able to use the key blade!



Learn how to use the controls while you

still have the chance.

The 2nd Day

Event Chart

  • Talk to the friends at Market Street: Station Heights
  • Examine the bulletin board and complete jobs

[Mail Delivery]

Deliver 5 mails on a skate board with △

Person > bird > person > bird (jump) > person

[Cargo Carrying]

Get the cargo in the garage by hitting it up the hill


Hit the ball as many times as you can without dropping it

  • Talk with Heine at the Station Plaza after collecting 800 munnies
  • Receive Munnie Pouch



Learn how to control the skate board

You can collect 10-50 munnies with one job

You can battle bees at the Tram Common

The 3rd Day

Event Chart

  • Head left to meet with the friends at the Station Plaza
  • Battle with Unknown Enemy
  • Choose weapon (sword, shield, or staff)
  • Defeat Unknown Enemy as you climb up the stairs and enter gates
  • Battle with Twilight Zone

Press △ to dodge and counter some of the attacks.

After awhile, it will put it’s head on the ground.

This is the time to strike! Repeat this to damage effectively.



Potion x2

The 4th Day

Event Chart

  • Talk to the guy in front of the tournament bulletin board to hear the rules
  • (you can practice fighting with Seifer at the Back Alley)
  • Talk to the guy on the ring to start the first round against Heine

This battle should be easy even if you are still not used to the controls

  • Talk to the guy on the ring again to start the second round against Vivi

He is as strong as the Unknown Enemy.

It might help to flee the whole time after you have stolen some balls from him.

  • Battle with Unknown Enemy

You should be used to these guys by now and Roxas should be strong enough for you to feel like it is easy.

  • Battle with Axel

Do not hesitate to use potions since he is strong.

His attacks are hard to avoid since it comes from the rear.

Aggressively attack him from the front as soon as you have the chance.

  • Talk to the guy on the ring to start the special battle against Setzar

Although he is stronger than Vivi, you just fought with an enemy even stronger so there should be no problem defeating him. If you are having trouble, use the hit and run technique.

The 5th Day

Event Chart

  • Enter Sunset Station with the train to search for the mysteries
  • Check the wall at the dead-end

Check the wall again, only this time, balls would come flying out of it.

  • Enter the tunnel

Fight with Vivi

  • Check the water fall fountain

Battle with your own self

  • Check the bag at Sunset Hill

Jump over the garbage with △ several times to decrease energy

  • Re-enter Sunset Hill for an event to go back
  • Through the hole at the east side of Tram Commons, go to the Old Masion



Potion x2, Hi-potion

The 6th Day

Event Chart

  • Battle with Unknown Enemy after exiting the usual place
  • Go inside the Old Mansion
  • Event inside the White Room on the second floor to the left
  • Receive Namine’s Sketch
  • Receive the map of the mansion
  • Enter the Library on the right side of the second floor
  • Observe the symbol and enter the Computer Room
  • Battle with Unknown Enemy in the Basement Hall
  • Battle with Axel

You have 2 key blades in this battle!

Launch a finish after a combo with △

  • Head through the Basement Corridor to the Pod Room
  • Finally, the story of Sora begins!!!

(abilities, munnies, etc. are passed on)



Elfin Bandana (dining), potion (dining), potion (foyer stairs), hi-potion (foyer), potion (foyer second floor), hi-potion (library after event), hi-potion (basement corridor)

Twilight Town

Event Chart

  • Battle with Unknown Enemy at the Station Plaza
  • Receive Munny Pouch, Crystal Ball, and Asem Report 2
  • Talk to Donald to get on the train



Piece of Mythril & potion (garden of the old masion), hi-potion & tent & piece of mythril (Central Station), tent & piece of mythril x2 & potion x2 & hi-potion & AP up (Tram Commons), potion & hi-potion & piece of mythril (Woods)

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