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A list of all the Gold, Silver and Bronze quests available in Fable.

Fable Gold Quests
1. The Birthday Gift
2. Guild Training
3. Wasp Menace
4. Maze's Information
5. Protect Orchard Farm / Attack Orchard Farm
6. Trader Escort
7. Maze's New Information
8. Find Bandit Seeress
9. Maze's Request
10. Find The Archaeologist
11. White Balverine
12. The Arena
13. Finding Theresa Again
14. Find The Archaeologist
15. The Graveyard Path
16. Rescue Scarlet Robe
17. Prison Escape
18. Gateway to Hook Coast
19. Return To Hook Coast
20. Try To Stop Jack of Blades
21. Battle Jack of Blades

Fable Silver Quests
1. Hobbe Killing Contest
2. Orchard Farm Escort
3. Hobbe Cave
4. Break the Siege
5. Lost Trader
6. Execution Tree / Execution Tree Rescue
7. Bounty Hunt
8. Bandit Spy Extraction

Fable Bronze Quests
1. Beardy Baldy
2. Treasure of The Ghost Pirate
3. Collect The Hero Dolls
4. Fight Club
5. Chapel of Skorm
6. The Sword in the Stone
7. Temple of Avo
8. Archery Competition
9. Ghost Granny Necklace
10. Murder With A Twist
11. Assassin Attacks
12. Mayor's Invitation / Investigating The Mayor

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