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The Four Tribes
You can choose from four tribes with a total of 32 different appearances. Each tribe has its own combat specialties and exclusive equipment.

---The Clavats
Picture: Here
Name strength focus attack scroll required materials price
Bastard Sword 32 piercing sweep Mighty Weapon ironx2, Jagged sythe 500
copper sword 15 power slash None none none
defender 31 bash victorious weapon ironx2, ogre fang 500
excalibur 33 soulshot legendary weapon alloy, orichalcum, ancient potion 2,500
Fathers sword 32 piercing sweep none none none
feather saber 31 power slash valiant weapon bronzex3, cerberus' fang 500
iron sword 20 piercing sweep novices weapon iron 100
marr sword 22 piercing sweep none none none
ragnarock 35 shadow blade dark weapon cursed crook, orichalcum, ancient sword 5,000
rune blade 30 soulshot masters weapon mythril, alloy 700
steel blade 25 bash warriors weapon iron, alloy 300
treasured sword 18 power slash none none none
ultima sword 35 piercing sweep greatest weapon orichalcum, ultimate 50,000

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