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The Four Tribes
You can choose from four tribes with a total of 32 different appearances. Each tribe has its own combat specialties and exclusive equipment.

---The Clavats
Picture: Here
A gentle people that value harmony above all. Many of Tipa’s residents belong to this tribe of unity and friendship. They are gentle by nature and dislike conflict. When disputes arise, they do whatever they can to resolve them. It is said that an air of tranquility follows them wherever they go.

---The Lilties
Picture: Here
A proud warrior tribe with infamously short tempers. These little warriors have lived all over the world since ancient times. Long ago, they ruled the world, and many still believe themselves superior to others. Thought they can be hotheaded, they are also confident and down-to-earth. Thanks to these traits, Liltian merchants are some of the best around.

---The Yukes
Picture: Here
A mysterious tribe of great lore and wisdom. Many of these sages live quietly in Shella. In the ancient wars, they were able to resist the invading Liltian armies thanks to their magical prowess. Now they spend their days teaching magic to others. Some say that Yukes assumed their current form to augment their magical talents. They are a mysterious people indeed.

---The Selkies
Picture: Here
Independent people who put themselves first. These rugged individualists clothe themselves in fur decorated with stolen goods. Unlike other tribes, they believe in putting themselves first. Many Selkies are agile and athletic, traits they put to good use as thieves. Though the other tribes tend to scorn them, some Selkies now reside in Clavatian villages.

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