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Note Definition
Buy Cost to purchase at a shop.
Sell Resale Value.
Attack Power Strength of weapon.
Notes Description of weapon.
Add ST Status Effect inflicted by weapon when Add Status ability is effective.
Elem-Atk Special elemental property of attack.
Elem-Def Special defense against elemental attacks.
Abilities Skills that you can learn from a weapon.
(##) AP required to learn skill or ability.
A Action ability usable druing combat.
S Support ability to be equipped.


Used by: Dagger


Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Add ST Abilities
260 130 11 Combat Rod. None Cure (55)A, Pancea (15)A, Protect (30)A

Mythril Rod

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Add ST Abilities
760 380 14 Rod made of mythril. None Life (30)A, Silence (30)A, Shell (35)A

Stardust Rod

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Elem-Def Abilities
760 380 16 Rod adorned with beautiful stars. Shadow damage reduced by 50%. Ability Up (60)S, REflect (20)A, Float (20)A

Healing Rod

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Add ST Abilities
1770 885 23 Weapon that can restore target's HP. None Healer (30)S, Cura (50)A, Life (30)A

Asura's Rod

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Elem-Atk Abilities
3180 1590 27 Holy Rod. Holy Mini (40)A, Confuse (35)A, Silence (30)A

Wizard Rod

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Add ST Abilities
4000 1995 31 Rod used by mages. None Curaga (155)A, Protect (30)A, Shell (35)A

Whale Whisker

Buy Sell Attack Power Notes Add ST Abilities
N/A 5140 36 Legendary weapon that holds powerful magic. None Curaga (155)A, Life (30)A, Break (35)A
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