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The true identity of the four-armed bandit is revealed after you've collected enough treasures to gain a Treasure Hunting Rank of "S." You can view your rank at any time by speaking to the Four-armed Man or the woman at the Treno Inn.

Once you reach Rank S, go speak to the Four-armed Man in Daguerreo. This is the same person who has all the rare airship cards, if you challenge him to a card game. When he finds out that you're a Rank S treasure hunter, he becomes intimidated and abruptly runs out. Follow him to the entrance, and he will tell you his true identity and hand you the Rank S Award Key Item.

Treasure Hunter Ranking is determined by a point system:

1 point for every chest, searched Field icon, and item gained in event sequence, and every rare item purchased in the Treno Auction House (with the exception of Magical Fingertip and Pearl Rouge).

2 points for every chest found on the World Map while riding Choco.

No points are awarded for items found while digging in the "Chocobo Hot and Cold" game or bought from Stiltzkin.

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