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Who is Ozma?

Ozma is the hardest boss in Final Fantasy 9. But it is nothing if you have already faced Omega(FF5), Shinryuu (FF5) or the Weapons (FF7,8). You can only fight Ozma in the 3rd or 4th disk, since you can't reach the Chocobo Air Garden sooner.

Where can I find Ozma?

First of all, you have to find the six Chocograph Pieces, playing Chocobo Hot & Cold. I believe that three of them are in the Chocobo Forest and the other three are in the Chocobo Lagoon.

After that, you have to search for a shadow somewhere in the world map. But this shadow is not always at the same place. You can find it: north of Alexandria; in the center of the map; somewhere on the Outer Continent; on an island between Daguerreo and the Chocobo Lagoon; in the northeastern part of the Lost Continent (south of Qu's Marsh); and I don't know if it can be found somewhere else. Actually, this is an Ozma Guide. If you want more information, look at the Chocobo Guide.

When you find the shadow, get a Chocobo and use a Dead Pepper under this Shadow. Congratulations, you've reached the famous Chocobo Air Garden. You can play Chocobo Hot & Cold here, but if you check the rock on the back, Mene you tell you that he fells a strange force. If you choose to examine the rock, you will enter in a battle against a huge sphere. That's Ozma.

Ozma Stats (Lv99)

Level: 99
HP: 60000+
MP: 9999
Type: Flying
Weakness: None
Absorbs: Shadow
Exp: 65,535 (If all of your four characters are alive)
AP: 100
Gil: 18,312
Drops: Dark Matter, Pumice (And occasionally, Ozma Card)
Steal: Dark Matter, Elixir, Robe of Lords, Pumice Piece
Attacks: Meteor, Holy, Flare, Flare Star, Curse, Curaga, Mini, Berserk, Doomsday, Gas, MP Absorb, Level5 Death

The Battle/Strategies

Well, there's many ways to kill Ozma. If you fight against a Level 99 Ozma, your physical attacks will have no effect. I recommend that you just enter the fight with Level 80 or more (actually, I beat him with Zidane at Level 73, Amarant at Level 63 and Steiner and Quina at Level 62).

Ozma has two attacks that are a pain in the ass: Meteor and Curse. Meteor kills your party with just one attack. Curse causes Confuse, Mini, Poison and Slow to all your party. Ozma must be using an Ultra-Mega-Ultimate-Haste, because he can attack two (or even three) times in a round. He casts Curaga (+9000 HP) in almost every round. Sometimes, he begins the battle with a Meteor followed by a Curse. When he do that, just reset your game, 'cause you're probably not going to win this time.

I suggest that you equip all your party with Auto-Life, Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Antibody (to protect from Curse), Clearheaded (also to protect from Curse), and all the HP and MP Plus they have (HP+10%, etc). It would be good to have Quina's Mighty Guard, Angel's Snack and Frog Drop. I also recommend that you enter the battle with Zidane's Trance Bar almost full (it would be good to equip him with High Tide). Since Zidane is a obligatory character in your party out of Memoria, you'll have to fight Ozma with him. Make sure to don't have any characters with levels multiple of 5 (To avoid Lv5 Death).

You can fight Ozma with the party you want. All the characters would be useful (except for Vivi, in my opinion). I think the best combination is: Zidane, Steiner, Quina and Amarant or Freya. Now, here's what you should do with each character:

Zidane. Weapon: Ultima Weapon

Some guides say that Zidane is useless, but I don't think so. You could use Thievery, but if you haven't stolen a good number of items from the enemies, it wouldn't make much damage. Just attack normally with Ultima Weapon. Try to enter the battle with his Trance Bar almost full. When he trances, just use Solution 9 (9999 damage) five times. Then, Ozma should be dead (or near death).

Vivi. Weapon: Mace of Zeus, but you wouldn't use it

I don't recommend taking Vivi to this battle. But if you want to, try using his best magic (I don't know if Meteor works). If someone need an Elixir, Ether, Remedy, or a Phoenix Down, Vivi should give if to him/her.

Steiner. Weapon: Ragnarok (or Excalibur II, if you manage to get it)

Steiner is very useful against Ozma. His Guard attack makes 9999 of damage. I recommend you to have Steiner in your party. Just don't use Darkside, because it will heal Ozma.

Dagger. Weapon: Tiger Racket, but you wouldn't use it

Dagger would help a lot as a party healer. Her Curaga could substitute the Elixir. Also she would cure the status changes caused by Curse. Her summons would also help. But don't use Ark, or it will heal Ozma for 9999.

Freya. Weapon: Dragon's Hair

Freya would be a good attacker. Her Dragon Crest would make a lot of damage. Also, her Jump could help her avoiding Curse or Meteor.

Quina. Weapon: Gastro Fork

Don't fight Ozma without Quina in your party. Quina must cast Mighty Guard in the beginning of the battle, and cast it again, every time it wears off. Now, this is very important: cast Angel's Snack (Remedy in all allies) after each Ooze's Curse. Quina should give a Elixir, Ether, or Phoenix Down, every time someone need them. Frog Drop would make a lot of damage, if you have gotten a good number of frogs in the Qu's Marshes. Some guides says to you use Magic Hammer until Ozma's MP reaches 0. But I don't think it's a good idea. The amount of damage caused by Magic Hammer is random. The time you would spend to take Ozma's MP to 0 is long enough to defeat Ozma three times.

Eiko. Weapon: Tiger Racket, but you wouldn't use it

Eiko would make the same as Dagger. She should heal the party and attack with Holy or summons (Madeen would be good). She also, might use Phoenix to revive the dead. But I think that she would be the first to die.

Amarant. Weapon: Rune Claws

Amarant would help a lot. If you equip him with Bird Killer, he would kick Ozma's ass. Sure he doesn't make 9999 like Steiner's Guard, but he's good. You might use No Mercy. But I prefer throwing Wing Edges, or strong weapons. If he happens to Trance, you could use Aura (same as remedy) in all your party to cure Curse.

Now, here's my strategy:

Take Zidane, Steiner, Quina and Amarant (or Freya). They must equipped with Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, Auto-Haste, Antibody, Clearheaded, HP+10%, etc. Also, try equipping Bird Killer and High Tide. Quina must have Mighty Guard, Angel's Snack, and Frog Drop. Remember to have Zidane's Trance Bar almost full. In the beginning of the battle, use Quina's Mighty Guard. Zidane uses Dark Matter (yeah, that item with Odin ability. It makes 9999 damage to every enemy). Steiner always attacking with Guard. Amarant uses No Mercy, or throws Wing Edges. If you brought Freya, she must attack with Dragon Crest (I told in the version 1.0 of this Guide to use Dragon Breath, but actually it was the Dragon Crest, sorry). When Ozma uses Curse, Quina must use Angel's Snack. Zidane attacks with Thievery, or use normal attacks. When someone runs out of HP or MP, Quina must use an Elixir or a Ether. If s/he's busy, Zidane must do it. Keep doing this until Zidane reaches Trance. When this happens, just attack with Solution 9 (you may want to use Grand Lethal, but actually, the damage is the same, and GL costs 60 MP, while S9 costs just 48). The other three must concentrate in healing the group. When Ozma is defeated, you'll see him crashing in 1000 pieces<.


After the battle, you will receive 65535 EXP, 100 AP, a Dark Matter, and a Pumice (which allows Dagger to learn Ark). Mene will be impressed and will give you an Ozma Card and a Strategy Guide (a Key Item that tells you a secret about the card game ranks).

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