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Cute and friendly little moogles appear in almost every area that you explore in the world. They will save your game progress on a memory card, or allow you to use a tent to partially restore everyone's HP and MP (Outside of KO'd characters) and remove some status abilities.

The Mognet option enables you to recieve letters from other characters. The moogles also like for you to deliver letters from one moogle to another. To see if a moogle has any mail for you to deliver, choose Mognet option, and then choose Cancel. If the moogle has a letter, you will get the option to deliver it.

Fortunately, the moogle to whom the letter is addressed is somewhere up ahead on the suggested path. To deliver the letter, talk to the moogle and select Mognet. An option should appear to deliver the letter.

Delivering letters between moogles is advantageous, because some moogles will give you Kupo Nuts or other rewards in return. You can give Kupo Nuts to the moogle family at Gizamaluke's Grotto to recieve useful items.

While crossing the World Map, press the Square button and Moguo will rush to your aid. However, if you can call him and then cancel, he will get angry with you....

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