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Name Description Cure
Confuse Attacks anyone on screen randomly Passage of time, Physical attack, Esuna spell
Beserk Uncontrollable physical attacks each turn Gysahl Greens or Esuna spell
Stop Character can do nothing Dispel or Esuna spells
Poison HP decreases each turn Antidote item, Pancea, Esuna spells, or time passage
Sleep Character can do nothing Time passage or physical attack
Slow ATB meter fills up slower Time passage Dispel and Esuna spells
Heat If characters takes action he/she is KO'ed Esuna spell or time passgage
Freeze No action can be taken, target is KO'ed if physically attacked Esuna spell or time passage
Mini Attack/defense is lowered Mini or Esuna spells
Death Sentence Target dies after counter reaches 0 End battle for it reaches 0
Gradual Petrify Target is petrifyed after counter reaches 0 Stona or Esuna spells, end battle
Petrify No action is taken, considered dead Soft item or Esuna spell
Venom No action is taken, hp and mp is zapped with each turn Pansea or Esuna spells
Virus No exp or AP is rewarded after battle Vaccine
Silence No spells/summons are casted Echo screen item or Esuna spell
Darkness Hit rate is decreased Eye drop item or Esuna spell
Trouble All allies recieve 1 half of damage target recieves Annoynment
Zombie Reverse effects of recovery items/spells Magic Tag
KO No action is taken Pheonix down/Pinion items, Life spell, or Auto-Life ability

All of these can be cured by an item called Remedy except for Heat, Freeze, Death Sentence, KO, Gradual Petrify, Virus, Trouble, or Zombie

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