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The Jump Rope sidequest is one of the earliest sidequest's available in Final Fantasy IX. When you are in control of Vivi in Alexandria, go to the Town Square and you will see three girls playing jump rope towards the right hand side. Walk up to them and ask to play and they will let you.

The object of the game is to hit X whenever the ! symbol appears over Vivi's head. This will cause him to jump and miss being tripped up. The speed rises at 20 jumps, 50 jumps, and once more at 100 jumps. At 200 jumps, the speed decreases but the timing is different. Finally, at 300 jumps the speed and timing stops changing.

At 1000 jumps, you will get the last and best reward, the King of Jump Rope Key Item. If you missed the girls at Disc 1, go to Alexandria at the beginning of Disc 3 and make your way into the Moogle Tower, that's where they are now, accompanied by Moogles who keep records of your jumps. Here's a list of rewards:

Number of Jumps Rewards
20 Jumps 10 Gil
50 Jumps Cactuar Card
100 Jumps Genji Card
200 Jumps Alexandria Card
300 Jumps Tiger Racket Card
1000 Jumps King of Jump Rope

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