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As you explore the world and conquer areas, you will aquire an incredibly large amount of items. Items that have a "key" purpose in the game are kept in a different inventory from the rest of the "regular" items.

To see the purpose of any item, highlight it in the menu and press the SELECT button to bring up the Help Menu. To view the inscription on a Key Item, place a hand cursor over that item and press the X button. Inscriptions on items often provide a clue as to their use.

When epuipping a character with items, only the kinds of items that the character is capable of using or wearing will be availible to equip on that character. You can find many pieces of equipment for free while exploring new areas, so carefully explore before purchasing items at shops. On the other hand, there are some weapons and armaments that are only availible at shops, so save your gil...

Some items are consumable, meaning that they are subtracted from inventory when used. You can restock some items, such as medicines, from specialized shops in towns and cities throughout the world. Keeping a good supply of all these items is essential to keeping the party effective and efficient in battle. Also, you can damage some enemies during battle by using these items against them.

You can also use gems and jewels to restore a certain amoun t of HP on the battlefield. You can use these items as equipment to learn powerful spells and abilities. Make sure that all of your characters learn the abilities contained in a stone before you use it to restore HP.

Consumable Item Functions
Potion Restores 100 HP in the field, 150 HP in Battle
Phoenix Down Revives one character from KO
Echo Screen Cures Silence
Soft Cures Petrifaction
Antidote Cures Poison
Eye Drops Cures Darkness
Magic Tag Cures Zombie
Vaccine Cures Virus
Remedy Cures all status abnormalities 
Annoyntment Cures Trouble
Tent Restores a large amount of HP and MP, removes some status effects

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