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You can only play this side quest in the beginning of Disc 3 in Alexandria. Go to the main street and you will see Hippaul standing with his mother. Talk to Hippaul's mother and she will ask you to race with him for exercise.

To race with him, tap circle and square one after the other as fast as you can and try to reach the end of the street before Hippaul. Everytime you win one race, his level will increase by one. For every ten levels you raise Hippaul to, his mother will give you a card as a prize. When you reach Level 70, you will gain new cards every level you raise Hippaul until Level 80 when you will receive the Athele Queen Key Item and you will not receive anymore prizes. You can raise him up to Level 100 but you will receive nothing for your efforts. Below is a table listing the levels and rewards you get for the respective levels:

Race Level Rewards
10 Wyerd Card
20 Carrion Worm Card
30 Tantarian Card
40 Armstrong Card
50 Ribbon Card
60 Nova Dragon Card
70 Genji Card
80 Athlete Queen

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