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When you are in Lindblum for the first time, you will be in time to take part in the yearly Hunting Festival. Zidane will take part, and you will be given 12 minutes to run around Lindblum, fighting as many monsters as you can as fast as you can without getting yourself killed. You will not receive any Exp, Ap, or Gil, but if you get the best score, you will receive money, since that is what Zidane picks. At 4:30 minutes left, head off to the Commericial District and fight the Zaghnol. Freya will join you in the battle as well, whoever deals the final blow wins the points. Below is a list of the monsters and the points they give you:

Monster Point
Moo 8-14
Fang 16-27
Trick Sparrow 2-13
Zaghnol 60

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