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Friendly Monster Guide

Throughout the game you can encounter enemies that are friendly and wont attack unless provoked. These enemies are called, "friendly monsters." They need a certain jewel from you and it pays off for you to give them what they want. If you do recognize their demands, you will receive a lot of AP and an item to boot. The main reason for this side quest is that if you satisfy all 8 friendly monsters and find the friendly yan and give him what he wants, you'll have the ability to use physical attacks on Ozma(Remarked by some as the hardest enemy in the game).

There is a catch, however. You must find these creatures in the order listed below. If you notice further down in the list, a specific jewel is found by pleasing a friendly monster and is needed to appease the next friendly monster you encounter. Another catch is that some of these monsters are in out of the way locations and in very dangerous areas. The friendly yan can be found on Vile Island but be careful because there are regular yans there as well that aren't so nice.

Name Location Need Reward
Brown Mu Plains between the Ice Cavern and Dali 1 Ore 10 AP, Potion
White Ghost Plains around Treno 1 Ore 10 AP, Hi-Potion
Color Ladybug Forest around Black Mage Village 2 Ores 20 AP, Ether
Green Yeti Biggest forest near Madain Sari 2 Ores 20 AP, Elixir
Green Nymph Forest near Iifa Tree 3 Ores 30 AP, Emerald
Purple Jabberwock Forest east of Oeilvert Emerald 40 AP, Moonstone
Green Feather Circle Lost Continent Moonstone 30 AP, Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Garuda East forest on plateau above Gizamaluke's Grotto Lapis Lazuli 40 AP, Diamond
Friendly Yan Forest on Vile Island Diamond 50 AP, Rosetta Ring
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