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Before You get into reading my description of the Quad Mist rules that will probably make you water at the eyes from looking at the screen so long, let me tell you that getting into the Quad Mist is the best thing you can do in the game (besides beating it!). It is lots of fun and it is really challenging… well… sometimes, the rules are easy enough it’s just the beating of advanced players is hard. Hope this helps you on your way to enjoying Quad Mist as much as I do!

Basic Rules Cards are placed in turn. Once all places are filled, the player with the most cards in their control at the end of the game wins.

Game Area QuadMist has a 4x4 grid (instead of 3x3) consisting of 16 places for cards. At the beginning of the game, anywhere from 0-7 spaces can be covered by random. To complete the game, all 10 spaces must be filled. Also, no matter where the game is played the rules never change.


If the two adjacent cards contain no arrows in that corner, nothing occurs. If an enemy's card has an arrow placed next to your previously placed card, which doesn't have an arrow, nothing occurs. If one of your card's arrows are pointing to a non-arrowed side or corner of an enemy card, the enemy's card is captured. If you and your enemy's cards are placed so both cards have arrows facing each other, the two cards "battle." In addition, when an enemy card has been captured via a "battle," it can then capture any already-placed cards that its arrows point -- a combo attack. When all 10 cards have been placed, the player with the most cards controlled wins the game.

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