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After the group's first visit to Treno, return to the King's Mansion and to the auction. You may want to do this side quest as it holds many important items, Key Items, and certain items that lead to an extremely rare and valuable weapon.

When you enter the mansion, the auctioneer will list the items for sale on that day, if an item pleases you, stay and bid for it, if not, exit and re-enter for a refreshed list of items up for bid. When you are ready, walk up to the front of the auctioneer and a ? symbol will be apparent over your head. If you click X to bid for an item, you will automatically raise 100 Gil on the last bid on that item, if others don't battle you over the item, the auctioneer will perform the countdown and you will receive the item.

A few tips to the trade. Let the nobles have their little bidding war before you put your bid on the item you want. Most times if you keep clicking X to get the item, nobles will throw in fake bids to jack up the price as they know you'll outbid them anyway. Wait for them to stop bidding and right before the auctioneer sells the item, put your bid in. You will save money and profit from resale value this way.

Here is a list of rare items and Key Items you can acquire at the auction: Mini-Cid, Griffin's Heart, Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror, the Magical Fingertip, and the Rat Tail. Some of these items have appeared in earlier FF titles and have very strange uses in FFIX. You can also resell some of these items to nobles roaming Treno for profit if you put your bids down like a pro.

Auction Items Resale

Some nobles roaming the streets of Treno and even some scholars in shops will take interest in some items you can acquire at the auction. You can sell these items to them if you see no point in keeping them. Most of these people will jack up their offers for the item. Just keep in mind, the Adventurer won't buy the Rats Tail until you sell him the Griffin's Heart and the Scholar won't raise his offer of 10,000 Gil for the Doga's Artifact. Below is the list:

Item Nobleman 1st Offer 2nd Offer
Doga's Artifact Scholar in Synthesis Shop 10,000 Gil No second offer
Griffin's Heart Adventurer by Cafe 8,000 Gil 10,000 Gil
Rat Tail Adventurer by Cafe 20,000 Gil 25,000 Gil

Une's Mirror

Nobleman by Cafe 12,000 Gil 15,000 Gil

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