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Available When Disc Two (Once Balamb Garden is mobile)
Difficulty Easy
Rewards Fair
Unavailable Disc Four
Draw Points Ultima (Entrance- 5,000 Gil per use)
Firaga (Sculptor's Workshop)
Blizzaga (Outside Elder's House)
Save Points Hotel Room
Outside Elder's House (HIdden)
Magazine Timber Maniacs (Artisan's House-on bed)

Step No. What To Do
Visit The Sculptor's Workshop and Speak with him(After Going Down Elevator, All the Way to the back of the village)
Go to the Elder's House and Speak with him
Assist The Sculptor in the workshop
Revisit the Elder to collect your reward
Exit, come back, and go to the workshop, speak with the Elder's Attendant
Go to the Elder's House and speak with him
Talk to the Moomba outside of the Elder's House
Follow the Moomba to the workshop and speak with the Elder's Attendant
Go Speak with the Elder and then go back and speak with the Attendant in the Workshop
Go speak with the Artisan next door, then go speak with the Elder
Go to Fisherman's Horizon and speak with the Grease Monkey.
Return to Shumi Village and give the Moomba doll to the Artisan
Speak with the Elder to collect the Status Guard

*Note: Before you can find the next stone you must first return to the workshop and give the stone you found to the Sculptor
Name of Stone Location
Blue Stone In the workshop to the left of the statue
Wind Stone To the left of the Hotel inspect the large boulder and it's yours.
Life Stone In the tree roots to the right of the Elder's House
Shadow Stone Go back up the elevator search the area near the large shadow to the right of the steps.
Water Stone First check the stone the frog is sitting on in the pond in front of the Artisan's workshop. Try giving it to him and it's not it. Go to the Artisan's House and it's in the sink, used for washing.
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