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Gifts from Esthar Shop
When you visit a closed Esthar shop at a certain point in time, they will randomly give you an item. It may not happen ur first time visiting the shop, so leave and come back until you reviece the item.

Shop Name
Item You Recieve
When You Get it
Cloud's Shop
1st Visit to Esthar/2nd Visit
Johnny's Shop
1st Visit to Esthar/2nd Visit
Karen's Shop
1st Visit to Esthar/2nd Visit
Cheryl's Shop
Rosetta Stone
Lunatic Pandora Event, when in control of Zell.

Crash Site
If you search the Abadan Plains, on the island which is located south of Tears' Point, outside of Esthar's cloak, you'll eventually stumble upon a secret unmarked area, where you find Piet. If you didn't win the Alexander card from him on the Lunar Base, then here is your chance to do so. Also on disc four you can find the Queen of Cards here, she has all the cards that you could have obtained from then Queen of Cards Side Quest, if you didn't already complete that side quest.

Quick AP and EXP
If you need alot of AP quick, then visit Cactuar Island, located east of the Centra Ruins and south of the Esthar Airstation. Each Cactuar is worth 20 AP. If you need loads of EXP fast, then visit the Island's Closet to Hell and Heaven. These islands are located to the eastmost and westmost points on the world map. You'll know your on the right island if you check your location on the camp menu. These islands have only the strongest monsters, so be prepared.

The Laguna Effecty
When you flashback to when Laguna and co. visit then Excavation Site on Disc One, there are a number of things you can do to open up locations later on in the game for Squall and co. that contain useful items.

Action Done As Laguna Later Effect
Pick Up The First Old Key Near the Confuse Draw Point. Gets you access to an Ultima Draw Point hidden in a doorway past the floor panels.
Remove a lever from the middle floor panel to set a trap for an Esthar Soldier. The floor panel is now open on the wall, giving you access to a Silence Draw Point.
Find the grey detonator and press the red switch, then the blue switch. The door at the base of the long ladder is open and contains a LuvLuvG
Find the second old key at the intersection. Gives you access to some items, including a Combat King 005.
Move the rock to reveal a Cure Draw Point. Search the area and you can find a Spd-J Scroll.
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