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Available When Disc Three (With Ragnarok)
Difficulty Hard
Rewards Great
Unavailable Disc Four

You first meet her in Balamb, near Balamb Station. She remains here until she wins a rare card from you, then gives you a hint to where she will be next. When you find her, you must either lose or win a rare card to/from her respectively. Do this until she ends up in Dollet, talk to her normally, and select the fourth option. She asks for a rare card, so her father can make another rare card from it. You can then win it from someone else somewhere in the world. And win your old card back from her little brother (Boy living with the artist, one screen down from the pub). Then she leaves and you have to repeat the process again. There are five cards you can obtain from this quest.

Card Queen Says... She's Going To...
Galbadia The Galbadia Hotel in Deling City.
Fisherman's Horizon On train tracks in Fisherman's Horizon.
Esthar The Presidential Palace in Esthar.
Trabia The Hotel in Shumi Village.
Centra The Hotel in Winhill.
Dollet The Pub in Dollet.
Balamb Station in Balamb.
Far Away Lunar Gate's Concourse Area.

Present Location Will Move To...
Balamb Dollet (37.5%), Deling City (62.5%)
Deling City Balamb (12.5%), Dollet (12.5%), Winhill (12.5%), F.H. (62.5%)
Dollet Balamb (37.5%), Deling City (62.5%)
Shumi Village Balamb (25%), Dollet (50%), Lunar Gate (25%)
Winhill Deling City (37.5%), Dollet (37.5%), F.H. (25%)
F.H. Dollet (12.5%), Winhill (25%), Esthar (62.5%)
Esthar Dollet (12.5%), Shumi Village (25%), F.H. (12.5%), Lunar Gate (50%)
Lunar Gate Any of the eight, gives no clue to destination.

Card Given Card Created Where To Find New Card
Minimog Kiros Deling City (Man in black across from Junk Shop)
Chicobo Chubby Chicobo Balamb Garden (Student sitting on bench outside Library)
Alexander Doomtrain Timber (Pub's Owner, man behind right counter)
Sacred Irvine F.H. (Flo, wife of the mayor)
Doomtrain Phoenix Esthar (Presidential Palace, Presidential Assistant in blue)
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