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Available When Disc Two (Once Balamb Garden is mobile)
Difficulty Easy to Fair
Rewards Varies
Unavailable Disc Four

If you revisit Timber, you'll get the opportunity to rescue a little girl from an oncoming train. This nets you a free night at the inn, where you can find another issue of everyone's favorite magazine series: Timber Maniacs.

You can find an issue of Timber Maniacs on one of the tables in the pub. You can challenge the Pub Owner to a match of cards, and if you win you get access to his secret back room, where you can find Occult Fan II, and he gives you 5 Geezard cards, 4 Red Bat cards, 3 Buel cards, two Anacondaur cards, and 1 Cactuar card. And if you play him enough times you'll get the chance to win the Siren card from him.

Deling City
If you want the Rinoa card, return to Deling City, and visit Rinoa's father. After asking him about the card he admits to having his daughter's card, but will only use it in a match if you lose your Ifrit card to him. In order to lose it to him, put it in your hand and make sure it's your best card, or else it won't work. After losing it play him again until you win the Rinoa card from him. Now leave and re-enter the mansion. Ask him about your Ifrit card, and you learn he has already lost it to the old headmaster of Galbadia Garden. You can find him in Fisherman's Horizon, right outside of the Mayor's house. Challenge him to win back your Ifrit card.

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