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Available When DiscThree (With Ragnarock)
Difficulty Medium
Rewards Good
Unavailable Never

If you check the lake north of Timber, you will be presented with two choices;
- Throw a rock
- Try humming
Try humminh until the Shadow of the lake talks to you. When he does, he'll ask Squall to find Mr. Monkey for him. Go to the forest west of Dollet and run around in the forest clicking X. You will find Mr. Monkey sooner or later that way.

After you find Mr. Monkey, go back and talk to the Shadow. He will talk about 4 rocks around the world containing a message. To get him to give you the clues, throw rocks until it bounces 6 times, this is random so keep trying until you get it. Once you do that, hum again for Shadow to come back and tell you the hints.
- One rock is along the shores of Balamb.
- The second is on a tiny island east of Timber.
- Third rock is on top of the cliffs behind where Galbadia Garden used to be behind the waterfall.
- Last rock is in the forest west of Dollet, annoy Mr. Monkey and he will throw it at you.

If you rearrange the little excerpts of writing on the rocks, it'll tell you about a treasure hidden on the northern plains of Esthar. Take the Ragnarok there and walk around the Mordred plains. You can't trigger this event without all 4 rocks in your possession.

There are a lot of talking rocks here, but locate the red one. The red rock is a chronic liar, so if you do the exact OPPOSITE of everything it tells you to do, you will eventually find the treasure. Keep doing the opposite until he says, 'The treasure isn't here'.

Examine that area by clicking X to receive a Three Stars item which teaches one GF the Expendx3-1 ability which allows you to cast a single magic three times while only casting it once.

The Shadow of the lake also give you other clues. Go to Eldbeak Peninsula, north of Balamb on Trabia. Examine the tip of the peninsula to find a pole that says, TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE.

Take the Ragnarok to Minde Isle, a small island located south west of Esthat City. Look in the southern area of the island until you find a Luck-J scroll.

The Shadow will also say: Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived a happy life there. He's telling you about a long gone village that was located south of Edea's Lighthouse in an odd clearing in a forest nearby. You can examine the area to receive a message about the rubble there.

Shadow will give you a last hint, but that's just about hidden draw points on railroad bridges. Pursue them if you wish.
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