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Cure Restores a small amount of HP/one ally.
Cura Restores some HP/one ally.
Curaga Restores a lot of HP/one ally.
Death Randomly causes immediate death/one enemy.
Holy Inflicts Holy magic damge/one enemy.
Life Restores some HP and revives from K.O./one ally.
Full-Life Fully restores HP and revives from K.O./one ally.
Regen Restores small amounts
Zombie Causes Zombie status (undead)/one enemy.

Fire Causes minor elemental Fire damage/one enemy.
Fira Causes elemental Fire damage/one enemy.
Firaga Causes major elemental Fire damage/one enemy.
Flare Causes major non-elemtal Fire damage/one enemy.

Blizzard Causes minor elemental Ice damage /one enemy.
Blizzara Causes elemental Ice damage/one enemy.
Blizzaga Causes major elemental Ice damage/one enemy.
Water Causes major elemental Water damage/one enemy.

Thunder Causes minor elemental Thunder damage/one enemy.
Thundara Causes elemental Thunder damage/one enemy.
Thundaga Causes major elemental Thunder damage/one enemy.
Aero CausesElemental Wind damage/one enemy.
Tornado Causes lemental Wind damage/one enemy.

Haste Speeds up target's ATB gauge/one ally.
Slow Slows down target's ATB gauge/one enemy.
Stop Stops target's ATB gauge/one enemy.
Quake Causes elemental Earth damage/all enemies.
Demi Reduces enemy's HP by 1/4/one enemy.
Double Allows target to cast two of the same spell consecutively/one ally.
Triple Allows target to cast three of the same spell consecutively/one ally.

Esuna Removes Poison, Petrify, Blind, Silence, Berserk, Sleep, Curse, Slow, Stop, Slow Petrify, Confuse, Zombie, and Vit 0/one ally.
Dispel Removes Haste, Regen, Protect, Shell, Aura, Reflect, Float, Double, and Triple/one enemy.
Protect Reduces physical attack damage by 1/2.
Shell Reduces magic attack damage by 1/2.
Reflect Reflects magic ack at caster's party/one ally.
Drain Remove HP from target and gice to caster/one enemy.
Aura Limit Break can be used more often/one ally.
Meteor Bombards enemies causing random non-elemental damage/all enemies.
Ultima Causes a large amount of non-elemental damage/all enemies.

Bio Causes elemental Poison damage and adds Poison status to target/one enemy.
Break Causes non-elemental damage and adds Petrify status to target/one enemy.
Blind Causes Blind status, impairing accuracy of physical attacks/one enemy.
Silence Causes Silence status, disabling target from using Magic, Draw, and GF commands.
Berserk Causes Berserk status, forcing chatacter to automatically initiate physical attacks each turn/one enemy.
Sleep Causes Sleep status disabling targete temporarily/one enemy.
Confuse Causes Confuse status, forcing target to use random commands and targeting desicions/one enemy.
Pain Causes Poison, Silence, and Blind status.
Meltdown Causes non-elemental damage and Vit 0 status, lowering targets defense/one enemy.

Float Lifts target off the ground, avoiding elemental Earth magic.
Scan Analyze target's vital information.
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