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Name Description Cure
Poison HP decreases with each turn Antidote item or Esuna spell
Petrify Character is stoned, considered dead Soft item or Esuna spell
Darkness Hit rate is decreased Eye drop item or Esuna spell
Silence Character cannot cast any spells or use GFs Echo Screen item or Esuna spell
Zombie Becomes undead healing spells hurt Holy Water item or Dispel spell
KO Character is dead Pheonix Down item or any cureative spell
Sleep Character cannot do anything Passage of time or physical attacks
Beserk Character does uncontrollable physical attacks each turn Esuna spell
Confuse Randomly attacks anyone on the screen Physical attack or passage of time
Slow ATB gauge fills up slower Passage of time or Esuna spell
Stop No commands may be entered Passage of time or Esuna spell
Curse Disables all Limit Breaks Esuna spell, Aura spell, or Remedy item
Doom Countdown from 10 to 0, instand death to character at 0 Esuna spell or Remedy item
Vit 0 Reduces character's Vitality to 0 Esuna spell or Remedy item
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