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How Do I Start?

Well first off you need a gf, and a character to equip that gf. Then go to your menu and select junction, then select gf. Then it will give you a list of gf's that you have. Those faded cannot be junctioned because they are junctioned to another character. After doing so they will ask for what commands you want to have on the command menu in battle. This is important. Select what you want to have. To draw magic from enemies put in draw, to use magic drawn or refined select Magic, to use gf's in battle select Gf, and to use items in battle select item.

Now What about Junctioning Magic?

To junction magic go to your menu, then junction, then magic. Then select a stat for which you want to junction magic to. Depending on what junctioning abilities the gf (s) equipped to that character has learned, you will see some names of stats faded out, which means they have not learned the proper junctioning ability needed to junction that magic. After you select which stat you want it will give you a list of magic that you have that can be equipped. The more magic you have, the more of a stat increase you will get.

What about elemental/status attack/defense?

Well you have to have a gf that knows either elem def/attack-j abilities or st attack/def-j abilities before you can junction magic to it. To junction magic to your elemental attack/defense go to your junction screen then select magic and hit left on the control pad. It will bring you to another stat junctioning screen. Only the top slot is for attack and the one-four slots under that are defense. Only magic spells with elements can be junctioned here. Like fire or blizzard. The more of the spell the more the stat increase. And for status junctioning follow da same steps to get to the elemental junctioning screen but hit left twice on the control pad. Now you are in another stat junctioning screen. Only magic with status effects can be junctioned here, like holy, sleep, silence, and slow. Again the top slot is for attack and the one to four slots below it are from defense. Also the more of the spell the more of a stat change.
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