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During your first visit in ANY chocobo forest, you'll meet a boy named Chocoboy. He'll give you a Choco Whistle and tell you how to use it for 1,000 gil.Choco Whistle is the tool required for locating the baby chocobos, called Chicobos. The Choco Whistle uses two modes : ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner. First one is used to find locate the Chicbo's position in the forest. It emits a soft low pitched sound when your not on the right spot, but a high fast-pitched tone when your on the right spot. After locating the right spot you must switch over to the second mode: Ziner. Blowing the whistle in this mode brings out the Chicobos from hiding. If you'renot on the right spot then a Chicobo will rob you of your Whistle so don't blow it in Ziner mode if your not sure your on the right spot.>

Your goal in each forest is to call out the Chicobos in a pattern that leaves only one Chicobo left visible on the ground. A lone Chicobo cause the parent to become nervous, therefore, coming out of it's hiding spot, when you approach the baby and examine it. After doing so, you can search the forest for treasure. Blowing the whistle while on the right spot will cause the parent to dig it up for you. If you leave before finding the treasures, you'll have to do the pattern all over again to find them.

What is Being Sold/Price What it is
Choco Whistle/1000-700 Gil First Whistle is 1000 Gil, any replacements are 700 a piece
Hints/100 Name of Forest, and a useful hint
Gysahl Greens/600 per green In battel summons a chocobo
Questions/10 Gil Answers questions about the Choco Whistle or himself
Help Me!/1200 He brings out the Chicobo's parent for you. You can't find the treasures, and it's a one time thing.
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