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Available When Disc Two (Once Balamb Garden is mobile)
Difficulty Hard
Rewards Great
Unavailable Never
Enemies Bomb, Armadodo, Red Bat, Forbidden, Buel, Blobra, Tonberry, Odin (Boss), Tonberry King (Boss)
Draw Points Drain (Courtyard-Hidden)
Aero (Tower Side)
Pain(Top of Tower-Hidden)

Northeast of Edea's Lighthouse there is an oddly shaped ruin sitting by itself surrounded by towering mountains and barren land. This ruin is known as the Centra Ruins, the remnants of a once great civilization. There are two sidequests you can complete in this area, and if you chose to do so, they are both explained below.

Odin Quest

The first quest is the quest for Odin, the last spirit survivor of Centra. When you enter the Centra Ruins, you will immediately see a timer set for 20 minutes that starts counting down right away. I suggest before you enter this place and run headlong to fight Odin, you take time to ready yourself. First of all, equip Encounter None if you have Diablos. If you haven't leart it, I suggest you do. If you don't have Diablos or sold the Magical Lamp, I guess you just have to hope you don't run into a lot of battles. Equip yourselves with the best attacking magic and weapons you have and proceed in. If you have Encounter None on, you won't need to worry about defense, just attack power. Odin doesn't attack you either, so you just need to pay attention on dealing out as much damage as you can as fast as you can. Now I'll explain how to get to Odin himself.

Once you enter, run down the hill and you will see stairs. Odin will talk to you throughout, read them if you wish but don't stop for them or anything of the sort. Climb up the stairs, circle the broken ruin, and climb another set of stairs. Now you will come to an open door. Go in and step on the pedestal that you can get to either by way of the right of left stairs. You will be transported upward into a new area. Here, you will see two ladders, climb the left one first. You will enter a room, inspect the orb in the back and climb down again. Now inspect the little altar between the two ladders and it will start glowing blue. Once you have done that, a new spiral stairway will appear beside the right hand ladder. You can get to a draw point by way of the right ladder, but you can do that later to save you time. Climb the spiral stairway and you will come to another area. This one has a ladder right beside you and another spiral stairway in front of you. Climb the ladder by you, and inspect the gargoyle. Take out the ruby eye and clamber down the ladder again. Now go up the stairway to the right and you'll see a second gargoyle atop a short ladder. Put the ruby eye you have into his socket so that he will have a complete set of eyes. You will receive a message containing a number. Write that number down somewhere while you pause the game and continue on. Take both the eyes out of this gargoyle that just gave you the numbers, and go back down the ladder and the stairway to the past area. Go back up the ladder to the left and put both eyes back into this first gargoyle. You will now see a fire with a number of zero's there. Insert your given number there correctly and hit X a secret doorway will appear in between the stairway and the ladder. Enter to fight Odin.

Now, Odin will lecture you for a minute and you will engage in battle. He does not fight back, as I said, but will use Zantetsuken to automatically defeat you if you do not defeat him before your timer goes to zero. I suggest using Meltdown to destroy his defenses, casting Triple and Haste on your party, and then attacking him as fast as possible with your most powerful magic/attack/summons. Good luck, you will acquire Odin and his card if you win. Odin, unlike other GF's, will not allow you to Junction or summon him at your own will since that's like giving you a cheat to the game. He will appear randomly in fights against any enemy except Bosses. He is quite reliable though. I once had him come three times in three battles against Malboro's, very useful.

Tonberry King Quest

After you defeat Odin, exit the Centra Ruins and heal up. Save, and enter again if you wish to fight and gain Tonberry King, a new GF. This will be a lot tougher as you are required to fight many battles against very, very, very annoying and powerful creatures. Before you enter the Centra Ruins to fight again, I suggest you have everyone on your team at least around level 50 and one person with perfect compatibility with the GF Diablos so he summons as quickly as possible when you need him. Have him at high levels as well so he can do a lot of damage. Other then that, equip your characters as much as you can defensively since Tonberry's can hurt you badly. Now, go back to the area where there's that broken ruin you have to run around to get to the other stairs. This area is the best area for Tonberry's, so run around looking for them here. When you fight them, have one person constantly summon Diablos. If he does 9999 damage, it will only take him around three to four rounds to finish off one Tonberry, so have everyone else heal and defend. You must fight around 18 - 22 Tonberry's to summon the Tonberry King, so be prepared for hours of mind twisting sickening battling with green turtles holding lamps that refuse to die quickly. You can go out, heal, save, and come back in and it won't reset the Tonberry's you've defeated, so don't worry about that. As you get to around 19 or 20 defeated Tonberry's, I suggest you start saving after every battle and healing as well because Tonberry King pops up IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU DEFEAT THE LAST TONBERRY! That means no preparing and a battle right after you fight a normal Tonberry.

Once Tonberry King comes out, here's a few tips for fighting him. He has a lot of HP, you can't see it even with Scan, but trust me, his HP is in the two hundred thousand range. Start off the battle by healing if you have to, then casting Triple, Haste, and Protect on all your characters to speed you up, give you advantages, and lower the high damages you take. Have one person cure you regularly while the other two attack the overlarge Tonberry as fast and as hard as they can. Cast Meltdown on Tonberry to lower his defenses as well. Sadly, Diablos has no effect on him, so don't bother. If you win, you will gain Tonberry as a GF (Hehehe, he shrinks when you beat him!), and you get a Chef's Knife. Tonberry is one of the most reeking of suckiness GF's around, but his shopping abilities gives him due credit and usefulness! Call Shop, Junk Shop, Haggle, and Sell High will be unimaginably helpful since it will allow you to buy amazing things you can usually never find at the luckiest of times for cheap and sell your stuff for high when it's bought cheap. Junk Shop is awesome when you got items and want to upgrade on the spot without venturing into towns from your spot. Call Shop is a shop in itself, and allows you to buy from shops while in the middle of nowhere! This GF is worth all the energy wasted to get him, enjoy.
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