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Level Name Element Class Card Mod
Level 1 Geezard None Monster 1=5 Screws
Funguar None Monster 1=1 M-Stone Piece
Bite Bug None Monster 1=1 M-Stone Piece
Red Bat None Monster 1=1 Vampire Fang
Blobra None Monster 4=1 Rune Armlet
Gayla Thunder Monster 1=1 Mystery Fluid
Gesper None Monster 1=1 Black Hole
Fastitocalon-F Earth Monster 5=1 Water Crystal
Blood Soul None Monster 1=1 Zombie Powder
Caterchipillar None Monster 1=1 Spider Web
Cockatrice Thunder Monster 1=1 Cockatrice Pinion
Level 2 Grat None Monster 1=1 Magic Stone
Buel None Monster 1=1 Magic Stone
Mesmerize None Monster 1=1 Mesmerize Blade
Glacial Eye Ice Monster 1=1 Arctic Wind
Belhelmel None Monster 1=1 Saw Blade
Thrustaevis Wind Monster 1=1 Shear Feather
Anaconduar Poison Monster 1=1 Venom Fang
Creeps Thunder Monster 1=1 Coral Fragment
Grendel Thunder Monster 1=1 Dragon Fin
Jelleye None Monster 1=1 Magic Stone
Grand Mantis None Monster 1=1 Sharp Spike
Level 3 Forbidden None Monster 1=1 Betrayl Sword
Armadodo Earth Monster 1=1 Dino Bone
Tri-Face Poison Monster 1=1 Curse Spike
Fastitocalon Earth Monster 1=1 Water Stone
Snow Lion Ice Monster 1=1 North Wind
Ochu Thunder Monster 1=1 Ochu Tentacle
SAM08G Fire Monster 1=1 Running Fire
Death Claw Fire Monster 1=1 Sharp Spike
Cactuar None Monster 1=1 Cactus Thorn
Tonberry None Monster 1=1 Chef's Knife
Abyss Worm Earth Monster 1=1 Windmill
Level 4 Turtapod None Monster 5=1 Healing Mail
Vysage None Monster 1=1 Wizard Stone
T-Rexaur None Monster 2=1 Dino Bone
Bomb Fire Monster 1=1 Bomb Fragment
Blitz Thunder Monster 1=1 Dynamo Stone
Wendigo None Monster 1=1 Steel Orb
Torama None Monster 5=1 Life Ring
Imp None Monster 1=1 Wizard Stone
Blue Dragon Poison Monster 4=1 Fury Fragment
Adamantoise Earth Monster 3=1 Turtle Shell
Hexadragon None Monster 1=1 Sharp Spike
Level 5 Iron Giant None Monster 3=1 Fragment
Behemoth Earth Monster 10=1 Barrier
Chimera Water Monster 10=1 Regen Ring
PuPu None Monster 1=1 Hungry Cookpot
Elastoid None Monster 1=1 Steel Pipe
GIM47N None Monster 1=10 Fast Ammo
Malboro Poison Monster 4=1 Malboro Tentacle
Ruby Dragon Fire Monster 10=1 Inferno Fang
Elnoyle None Monster 10=1 Energy Crystal
Tonberry King None Monster 1=1 Chef's Knife
Wedge, Biggs None Monster 1=1 X-Potion
Level 6 Fujin, Raijin None Boss 1=1 X-Potion
Elvoret Wind Boss 1=10 Death Stones
X-ATM092 None Boss 2=1 Turtle Shell
Granaldo None Boss 1=1 G-Returner
Gerogero Poison Boss 10=1 Circlet
Iguion None Boss 1=1 Cockatrice Pinion
Abadon None Boss 1=30 Dark Ammo
Trauma None Boss 1=30 Demolition Ammo
Oilboyle None Boss 1=30 Fire Ammo
Shumi Tribe None Boss 5=1 Gambler Spirit
Krysta None Boss 1=10 Holy Stones
Level 7 Propagator None Boss 1=1 G-Mega-Potion
Jumbo Cactuar None Boss 1=1 Cactus Thorn
Tri-Point Thunder Boss 40=1 Jet Engine
Gargantua None Boss 10=1 Strength Love
Mobile Type 8 None Boss 1=10 Shell Stones
Sphinxara None Boss 1=1 G-Mega-Potion
Tiamat None Boss 1=10 Flare Stones
BGH251F2 None Boss 1=10 Protect Stones
Red Giant None Boss 1=5 Meteor Stones
Catoblepas None Boss 1=1 Rename Card
Ultima Weapon None Boss 1=1 Ultima Stone
Level 8 Chubby Chocobo None GF 1=100 LuvLuvGs
Angelo None GF 1=100 Elixirs
Gilgamesh None GF 1=10 Holy Wars
Mini Mog None GF 1=100 Pet Houses
Chicobo None GF 1=100 Gyshal Greens
Quezacotl Thunder GF 1=100 Dynamo Stones
Shiva Ice GF 1=100 North Winds
Ifrit Fire GF 1=3 Elem Atks
Siren None GF 1=3 Status Atks
Sacred Earth GF 1=100 Dino Bones
Minotaur Earth GF 1=10 Adamantines
Level 9 Carbuncle None GF 1=3 Glow Curtains
Diablos None GF 1=100 Black Holes
Leviathan Water GF 1=3 Doc's Codes
Odin None GF 1=100 Dead Spirits
Pandemona Wind GF 1=100 Windmills
Cerberus None GF 1=100 Lightweights
Alexander Holy GF 1=3 Moon Curtains
Phoenix Fire GF 1=3 Phoenix Spirits
Bahamut None GF 1=100 Megalixirs
Doomtrain Poison GF 1=3 Status Guards
Eden None GF 1=3 Monk's Codes
Level 10 Squall None Player 1=3 Three Stars
Seifer None Player 1=3 Diamond Armors
Edea None Player 1=3 Royal Crowns
Rinoa None Player 1=3 Magic Armlets
Zell None Player 1=3 Hyper Wrists
Irvine None Player 1=3 Rocket Engines
Quistis None Player 1=3 Samantha Souls
Selphie None Player 1=3 Elem Guards
Laguna None Player 1=100 Heroes
Kiros None Player 1=3 Accelerators
Ward None Player 1=3 Gaea's Rings
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