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Available When DiscThree (With Ragnarock)
Difficulty Medium
Rewards Good
Unavailable Never
One time or another when you are battling in the world of FFVIII, you might notice an odd battle where your adversary isn't present and a weird looking UFO carrying a strange artifact flies across the screen and the battle ends. Well, these little UFO's are part of a sidequest. You need to see all of the possible sightings around the world, so here are the locations of the sightings:
- Mandy Beach, the eastern shores of Timber by Roshall Forest
- The Winhill Bluff's region
- The Trabia Heath Peninsula, east of Trabia Garden
- The Kashkabald Desert, by the Centra region

They appear even if you have Encounter Half or Encounter None equipped, so use either one to make your search easier. After you find all of them, take the Ragnarok to the cliffs north of the Grandidi Forest, north west of the Island Closes to Heaven. You will find another UFO, but this time, you can defeat it.

After you have done this, try and acquire 5 Elixirs unless you already have that many in your inventory, You can get them from Johnny's Store in the Esthar Shopping Mall or by using Alexander's Med Lv Up ability. Once you have the 5 Elixirs, run around the grass outside of Balamb Garden until you encounter another alien, this one named PuPu. If you use the 5 Elixirs on it, he will thank you and leave giving you the rare PuPu card. If you choose to defeat him, he will leave behind an Accelerator. Your choice which you do however.
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