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Ok, here's for abilities. Gf's can learn 6 different types of abilities. They are: Junction, Command, Character, Party, GF, and Menu. Junction abilities let the character they are junctioned to junciton magic to that particular stat. Command abilities let the character that it is junctioned to set those command abilities to his/her battle menu, so they may take action in battle. Character abilities let the character it is junctioned to set that ability to his/her auto-abilities. Auto-abilities are abilities that are set on the same screen as commands are but are automatically activated either in battle or out of battle depending on the circumstances. For example auto haste kicks in automatically in battle when the battle starts. And encounter-none kicks in where ever random battles occur. Anyways Party abilities are the same as character abilities but effect da whole party. GF abilities effect the GF that knows the ability. Menu abilities are abilities that can only be used on the camp menu when you press the O button. Then there is a section that says ability. This is where menu abilities can be used.

How Do My GF's Learn Abilities?

Gfs learn abilities by gaining Ability Points(AP). AP is gained after battle. To set the ability you want that gf to learn, go to the gf menu on the camp menu, then select the gf you want, then press the X button (or what ever you have as the advance button), and press X on the ability you want that gf to learn. After a gf has learned that ability the computer automatically selects the next one to learn. Gf's only gain ap if they are junctioned to a character that is alive at the end of battle
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