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Cloud Strife: Steve Burton
Tifa Lockhart: Rachael Leigh Cook
Kadaj: Steve Staley
Rufus Shinra: Wally Wingert
Reno: Quinton Flynn
Rude: Crispin Freeman
Yazoo: Dave Wittenberg
Loz: Fred Tatasciore
Vincent Valentine: Steve Blum
Barett Wallace: Beau Billingslea
Cid Highwind: Chris Edgerly
Yuffie Kisaragi: Christy Romano
Cait Sith: Gregg Ellis
Red XIII: Liam O'Brien
Reeve: Jamieson Price
Tseng: Ryun Yu
Elena: Bettina Bush
Marlene: Wallace Grace Rolek
Denzel: Benjamin Bryan
Girl: Andrea Bowen
Zack: Rick Gomez
Aerith Gainsborough: Mena Suvari
Sephiroth: George Newbern

Voice Actor Info:

Steve Burton: Well. Looking at his filmography, i can se ethis guy knows his work! He did the voice of Cloud in Kingdom hearts, and has played in the other Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom hearts COM. Other than that he hasn't playe din any other video games, but he acted in a soap-opera called 'Days Of Our Lives'. I myself hate soaps, but becuase a guy who played Cloud was in one, i think i can manage seeing an episode or 2.

Quinton Flynn: I'm sure you've heard this name before. I will tell you, this guy is nuts! He is probably the most well-known name in video game voices. He played Raiden [Jack the Ripper] in KONAMI's hit game "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty", and has even played in Final Fantays games before, he played Issaru in Final Fantasy X and X-2, and a couple extra's. He also has played in a few cartoons and anime, namely, Aladin. Yes. He was the original voice of Aladin, in the TV series. He has acted in a total of 68 games/films/series, and is widley respected.

Rachel Leigh cook: Not very well known, however she seems to play in quite a few movies, not any anime's as far as i can see. however she played the main character in Josie And the Pussy-cats [pfft], and played a character in the reltivly new "Batman Begins". Other than this, i know not of her, but hope she suits tifa.

Steve Staley: Once again. i know not much about him. Only that he is doing a voice for Naruto, one of my favorite anime's, and he is pretty good, i can definetly see him as Kadaj. He also played a few characters in other Anime, like one of my childhood favorites "Card Captors". Othe rthan that i can't say much.

Wally Wingert: WOW. He appears to be a favorite of many people. though i can't say the same. He was an old actor, and seemed to act in show's form teh 70's [and has the hairstyle]. I myself havn't heard his voice, however it doesn't matter, i'm not in place to criticise him. However, he has done voices in a comedic favorite "Family Guy" and recently did a voice in "Geppeto's Secret".

Crispin Freeman: Listening to a voice demo, he is probably teh best voice actor i've heard -him and Scott Mcneil. He is also alot like me, with his taste in music...I'm going off topic, ok. He played characters in many anime's, such as the ever beloved "Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex" Where he plays Togusa, and he plays Amon in "Witch Hunter Robin". I can definetly see him as Rude, however, i wonder how he'll change his voice to fit a big scary guy...

Chris Edgerly: Not very well known, but he did play some additional voices in disneys new movie "Chicken Little", and Elegost in "The Lord Od The Rings: The Third Age". Other than this i can't say much about him, but i hope he does well.

George Newbern: WOW. Again, he has to be a favorite of some of the younger few. He does teh voice of Superman on "Justice League/unlimited" and has played in quite a few others, i must say, it shall be interesting hearing him as Sephiroth!

Mena Suvari: Not a good choice. It appears she has played somewhat of a whore in many shows, not like Aeris. However the voice is what counts here...wait..that still doesn't go good. Oh well, a little bit that she plyed in... The Whore [litteraly] in a 2005 movie "Edmond" however she did pla somewhat of a child in teh old show "Boy meets world" as she took on the roles of Hilary and Laura.

Liam O'brian: YAY! Another Naruto guy! He plays Garaa of the Desert on the anime "Naruto" and Dion in "Star Ocean [III]: 'til the end of time". I'm still debating whether he is good enough for REDXIII, but i think if he uses his Garaa voice he'll do just fine.

Christy Romano: I KNEW she looked familiar! She plays one of the key roles in "Even Stevens" as Loises more mature [than him] sister and Kim in "Kim Possible". She [i believe] will do a good spazzy yuffie, maybe.

Wallace Grace Rolek: It appears to me thath this is her first! I hope she has good luck...And a good voice.

Rick Gomez: Aah yes. Another Final Fantasy X-2 actor. He di dthe voice of Gippal, and after that he seemed to go uphill, acting more and more! I guess anyone who acts in a SQUARE Title gets highly credited!

Benjamin Brian: Once again, A first.

Beau Billinslea: ........ WOAH! He is probably one of the best known voices EVER. He alone acted in now 154 things, and has played voices such as Representitive Helmer in "Xenosaga 1:Der Wille Zur Macht" and Carl Thamond in "Front Mission 4". I can definetly see him as Barrett, and wish him great luck in this role!

Dave Witten Burg: Hmm... He did many additional voices in Tony Hawk games, not quite my favorites, i've never been beaten...Any how, he also did the voice of Sora in some of the .hack games. I think he'll be good...But as Yazoo?

Gregg Ellis: A sports star? What the hell...

Ryun Yu: A guest star in only 4 shows, i hope this movie will get him off the ground, good luck Ryun!

Fred Tatasciore: Uhh.... What can i say.... Another Naruto guy, he plays Gatou. He also did a role as Sabretooth in "Wolverines Revenge", One of my favorites. Other than that he's worked on 61 different things as extra's and voices, but i can't say much about him.

Andrea Bowen: No info available.
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