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Cloud Strife
FFVII Advent Children Cloud

This is Cloud. Aww… Our little Cloud has grown so much in the two years between the game and its sequel. J/k. So, Cloud is now 23 and he’s looking for a way to be forgiven. Believe me, I don’t know what that means either. Well, other than that, and that he will star as the hero again, I don’t know much else.

FFVII Advent Children Sephiroth

!@#$! I thought we had gotten rid of him in the original. Yuna! Come do a sending! Okay, back to serious stuff. First off, I hate Sephiroth for what he did to Aeris, so I don’t care what part he plays as long as he feels pain! Although, it is known that he is returning, and not in a flashback eather…

Tifa Lockhart
FFVII Advent Children Tifa

Well, Tifa hasn’t changed a bit, and it has been determined that she will return for the sequel. Though I don’t know what role Tifa will play, I am sure, dead sure, that she will be a main character once again.

Barret Wallace
FFVII Advent Children Barret

Well, big and ugly is back! Yup! Barret! Okay, okay, I’m sorry all you Barret fans out there. He’s not THAT ugly. Barret will most likely play a major role in FFVII: AC, given his stature in the series.

Vincent Valentine
FFVII Advent Children Vincent

Yay! Finally, someone worth mentioning besides Cloud. Vincent is one of the coolest characters of the FFVII series. He is on my top 5 fav. FF characters and, whoa… didn’t mean to get off topic… Anyways, Vincent MUST play an important role for the movie to be any good, though I will still watch it.

FFVII Advent Children Kadaj

Huh!?! Who the hell is he!?! Kadaj is a new character introduced in the movie. It is known he is a main villain and one of a team of three silver haired men. Possibly the Advent Children that the title mentions?

FFVII Advent Children Yazoo

Huh!?! Who the hell is he!?! Yazoo is a new character introduced in the movie. It is known he is a main villain and one of a team of three silver haired men. Possibly the Advent Children that the title mentions?

FFVII Advent Children Loz

Huh!?! Who the hell is he!?! Loz is a new character introduced in the movie. It is known he is a main villain and one of a team of three silver haired men. Possibly the Advent Children that the title mentions?

Other characters…

FFVII Advent Children Aeris

I don’t know who else this could be, but Square has not verified that it is Aeris so I cannot be certain (though I am 99.9% sure I know that silk dress). If it is... good. The poor martyr didn’t deserve her abrupt withdrawal from life. I am a long time fan, so you won’t change my opinion on this one…

FFVII Advent Children Marlene

Not sure, but maybe… Hardcore fans of the original will remember Barret’s daughter, Marlene. Whether or not this is her clinging to Vincent is uncertain. But it’s a good guess none the less…

FFVII Advent Children Wheelcahir Man

Who the hell is he!?! Someone new obviously… I do not know anything about him…Except that Yazoo is seen talking to him in Midgar…Any ideas?

FFVII Advent Children Red XIII
Awww… Red want a biscuit? J/k. Red is the only one of his kind (Sorry, all you people who have beaten the original. I ain’t gonna spoil it for those who haven’t), so he has to be this fiery red wolf-like thing, right? As I have said with most of the original cast, he will most likely play a major roll in Advent Children.

FFVII Advent Children Yuffie
Well, the bitc- I mean uh, Materia Hunter is back for another go at Cloud’s Knights of the Round Summon Materia. J/k. Ok On to serious matters, no one else carries a super shuriken that I know of so this paratrooper must be Yuffie.

FFVII Advent Children Cid
Yay! Unless someone else dressed up in a blue top, dyed their hair blonde and stole his spear, this is Cid! And that means he will be comin’ back! Well hopefully Cid will play a major role in the movie (And given the fact that everyone except Cait Sith had been seen in a screenshot, I’m pretty sure the party will rejoin) and hopefully he will make a major appearance.

FFVII Advent Children Reno
Well who else hangs around a bald black guy wit’ glasses? I don’t know what part Reno will play, but my guess is he will remain neutral. I mean, he is Cloud’s enemy but screenshots clearly depict him being beat by Kadaj (Or is that Yazoo?).

FFVII Advent Children Rude
Ya… It’s rude to make fun of Rude, so I won’t. But I still hate the silent son of a… Anyways… Rude still hangs wit’ Reno as you can see in many screenshots. The only question now is, where are Elena and Tseng? I was pretty sure there were four turks…

AHHH!!! It’s Satan!(Denzel)
FFVII Advent Children Denzel
Ok… So I overreacted, but come on, this kid is uglier than Barret (Sorry Barret fans). Rumors are that his name is Denzel, but without proof, he cannot be listed under that name… And come on? What better catch phrase than, AHHH!!! It’s Satan!
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