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Materia Theft Quest

If you have Yuffie in your party, you have an optional side quest that opens up to you in the town of Wutai. If you did not get Yuffie and want to complete this quest, refer to the Secret Characters Guide and add Yuffie to your party.
Once you have Yuffie with you, take the Tiny Bronco/Highwind/Chocobo to the westernmost continent on the map. You will have to enter from the southernmost beach of the continent in order for the act of Yuffie stealing your materia and running off with it to take place, so do so. Make your way to the plains and you will enter a cinema event where your party is walking and Yuffie will jump out to say to watch yourself for there is dangerous territory ahead. The party dismisses it and attempts to continue on when you are attacked by two Shinra soldiers. After the battle is over, the party suspects Yuffie in double crossing them, but also find that she has stolen all your materia. Time to chase her down and reclaim what is yours.
Make your way across the bridges and curving landscape until you reach the top of the continent and the city of Wutai. When you enter the city, you will notice a few things. Shops will not sell anything to you, the house at the top right hand corner is locked, and that the Turks are in the cities local pub. Don't worry, no battle this time, they're off duty.
First off, go to the pub which is across the bridge to your left when you enter the city. There will be a rather tense scene for a minute between your party and the Turks, but nothing serious happens. Elena will go with two Shinra soldiers leaving Reno and Rude to enjoy their drinks. You can continue on to the Item store the is located across the second bridge by the pub. Enter and open the box to the top right hand corner of the store. Right as you receive your materia, Yuffie will pop out of the ceiling and grab your materia, and run off. Run out and go back across the bridges and enter the house that the old woman is standing by directly next to the city entrance. Go in and investigate the shutters to the left side of the room. You will pop it back to reveal a hiding Yuffie. She will once again run away extremely quickly and exit. Come out of the house now and go back to the pub area. You will notice a pot by the pub entrance, also notice that it shakes every once in awhile. Try clicking on it a few times. After shaking it, Yuffie will pop out only to be trapped as your comrades have covered the bridge exits leaving her nowhere to go. She will now give up and take you to that formerly locked house, apparently her house. She takes you downstairs and rants about why she stole your materia and tells you to pull a lever located at the back of the room. Being a sneaky little ninja that she is, this is another trap. Both levers will bring a cage falling on your party, the two others anyway, and they will be caught and Yuffie will once again, escape making a joke depending on whether you listened or didn't listen. Pull either lever one more time to raise the cage, collect your party, and head for her for the last time.
Now, go back to the item store but keep going left until you go to a new screen that holds the lookout, Godo's home, and the Pagoda.
Note: Enter Godo's home and you can sleep for free in the room to the left of the entrance. Also, you can go to the library, and push at the wall in there to reveal a secret entrance. Proceed down to collect an item. There is a similar trick wall behind the tapestry in the sleeping room.
Now, go to the little lookout to the left of the screen and you will see a gong. Ring the gong and a secret door will open up directly under the gong. Enter it. When you enter, you will meet up again with Don Corneo, and he has Yuffie and the Turk Elena in his grasps! You will talk to him and witness him run off with them. Follow him up the stairs and you will catch him in between Shinra soldiers and yourselves. As you both charge he slips to the side and you fight the two soldiers. After defeating them, exit the house, where you pop into, and talk to Reno and Rude who are waiting by the house. The two parties create an unusual partnership for the time being and team up to find Yuffie and Elena. They give you a clue as to where to look, but the location are the Da Chao Statues. Go to the Item shop and run off to the north by it. When you arrive at the statues, proceed up and left around the curve to come to a crossroads. Go down towards the statue's arm and you will find Elena and Yuffie tied to the statue with Corneo standing at the tip of the arm rattling on about crap as usual. After a little argument, he will turn Elena and Yuffie upside down, and you will have to fight a Boss. Defeat the Boss and the Turks will step in. They will take care of Corneo for good and you will then next appear in Yuffie's house where she promptly apologizes and returns all your materia, notice it's all out of place. The party then leaves, she also gives you the MP Absorb materia you got at the Item store earlier.
Note: There is a little cat house by her home. Enter and go up the stairs in the back to get a HP Absorb materia hidden in the attic. Also, notice the stores now sell you weapons, so stock up.
Now that Yuffie is in your party, you can enter the Pagoda that was before inaccessible. If you choose to take the Pagoda challenge, then equip Yuffie with your most powerful materia and weapons and prepare to fight. You will fight five warriors before you reach the top and fight the Boss, Godo, her father. It will be a tough battle, make sure you have plenty of status cures as he loves casting them on you. Regen would be a definite plus against him. If you beat him, he will reward you with Yuffie's ultimate limit break, All Creation, and the sacred Leviathan summon materia. With these in hand, witness a rather sneaky conversation between father and daughter, and continue on with your adventure, this quest is complete.
Extra add: If you obtain Leviathan Scales later in the game, return to the Da Chao statues and you will find a fiery cave. The Leviathan Scales will douse the fires giving you access to valuable weapons.
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