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Status Name Description Cure
Sleep You cannot enter commands until the character wakes up. Esuna Spell, physical attack
Poison Hp decreases each turn. Antidote item, Esuna spell, Poisona spell
Fury Hit rate decreases, limit bar fills faster, double damage of physical attacks. Tranquillizer item
Sadness Opposite of fury except hit rate stays the same. Hyper item
Petrify Character is stoned and no commands can be entered. Considered dead. Soft item or Esuna spell
Confusion Character randomly physically attacks enemy/ally on the screen. Physical attack or Esuna spell
Silence Character cannot cast any magic spell or summons Echo screen item or Esuna spell
Paralyzed Commands cannot be entered Esuna spell
Darkness Hit rate decreases. Eye drop item or Esuna spell
Frog No magic other than transform can be casted, and attack/defense is decreased Frog spell or Maiden's Kiss item
Small Attack/Defense is decreased Mini spell or Cornucopia item
Critical Hp is low Any cure spell or any cureative item
Death Hp drops to zero and character cannot do anything Pheonix Down item or Life 1 or 2 spell
Slow Numb Character gradually turns into petrify status Soft item Esuna spell
Death Sentence Countdown to death Must end battle before counter reaches 0
Beserk Character attacks whenever it's his/her turn Esuna spell

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