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Materia Guide

What is Materia?

Materia are rocks equipped to use magic. To equip materia you must have a weapon that has materia slots. To check this go to your menu screen, then equip, then select Weapon. It will give you a list of weapons that character can equip. Select which and it will show you how many materia slots that weapon has and it's magic growth. Magic growth is how fast the equipped materia will gain ap. A magic growth of single will give the materia in the slots the exact amount of ap gained, double magic growth is double the amount of ap gained and triple is triple the growth. Now go back to the Menu then select Materia. It gives you a the weapon an armor that you have equipped and whether or not is has materia slots. Select the slot you want to equip a piece of materia in then it will give a list of materia that you have. It will also show the abilities and stat bonuses gained by equipping this materia, also the level it is on (shown by stars, when all stars all filled then it is mastered and it will make another of that materia). For example if you equip a fire materia on lvl 1, you can use the spell fire in battle. You also get some stat changes of strength -1, magic +1, max hp -02%, and max mp +02%.

Types of Materia

There are 5 kinds of materia. Blue (Support), Red (Summon), Yellow (Command), Green (Magic), and Purple (Independent). Commands will appear automatically on you command screen once a piece of yellow materia is equipped, summons will do the same. But summons and some others will give you stat changes, summons usually give more drastic changes. Independent materia is equipped to make a change on your character and does not need to be connected to another piece of materia to take effect, like mega all does it's effect on all of that character's materia without having to be directly paired with it to take effect. Support materia, however, must be paired with another piece of materia to work. And sometimes it won't work like for example connecting quadra magic with Knights of The Round Summon will do nothing because Knights of The Round can only be casted once. And pairing all with Ultima magic will do nothing because Ultima already effects all enemies. So take great care in what materia you connect with support materia.

Connected Slots

In some weapons there are two slots that are connected. This means that you can connect a green, yellow, or red materia to a blue materia. For instance you take a fire magic and place it in one of those slots. Then take an all materia and place it in the slot that is connected to it, you will get a fire spell that effects all enemies. This does not work on summons however. But hp or mp absorb will. It will absorb the enemies hp or mp when you use the paired materia. If there is any questions email or im me.

What about Enemy Skill?

Enemy skill is a diff type of materia all together. You must wait for the enemy to use a learnable skill on the character with the enemy skill. To make things easier just manipulate the enemy (if possible) and have it use the skill on the proper character.

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