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Angel Whisper Revives, Restores HP And Status To One Ally. The Crater Pollensalta.
Aqualung Water Damage On All Opponents. City Of The Ancients/GS Desert/DownedPlane Jenova Life/Harpy/Serpant.
Bad Breath Causes [Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Small/Frog/Silence/] On All Opponents. Gaea's Cliff/The Crater. Malboro.
Beta Fire Damage On All Opponents. CF Swamp. Midgar Zolom.
Big Guard Uses [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] On All Allies. Costa Del Sol Beach/Coal Train. Beach Plug/Wolfmeister.
Chocobuckle Non-Elemental Damage On One Opponent. Use L4 Suicide On Chocobo After Feeding It Any Kind Of Greens. Chocobo With Level That
Death Force Makes One Ally Immune To Death. West Continent Beach. Adamantaimai
Death Sentance Pronounces Death Sentance On One Opponent. Bone Village/Cave Of The Gi. Bound Fat/Gi Spector/Sneaky Step
Dragon Force Raises Defense And Magical Defense Of One Ally. Gaea's Cliff/The Crater. Blue Dragon/Dark Dragon.
Flame Thrower Causes Fire Damage On One Opponent. Mythril Mine/Nibelheim Mts. Ark Dragon/Dragon
Frog Song Causes [Frog/Sleepel] On One Opponent. CC Forest/Temple Of The Ancients Touch Me/Toxic Frog
Goblin Punch Non-Elemental Damage To One Opponent. Goblin Island. Goblin
Laser Halves The HP Of One Opponent. Reactor/GS Prison/The Crator. 1stRay/Bullmotor/Dark Dragon/Death Claw
L4 Suicide Causes[Critical/Small] To Opponents With Levels That Are Multiples Of 4. Chocobo Farm/Icicle Area. Mu/Trick Play
L5 Death Causes [Death] To Opponents With Levels That Are Multiples Of 5. The Crater. Parasite
Magic Breath Fire/Ice/Lightning Damage To All Opponents. The Crater/Gaea's Cliff. Parasite/Stilva
Magic Hammer Drains 100MP From One Opponent. West Continent. Razor Weed
Matra Magic Non-Elemental Damage On All Opponents. GS Prison/Midger Area/Junon. Bullmotor/Custom Sweeper/Death Machine
Pandora's Box Big Damage To All Opponents, Ignores Defense. The Crater. Dragon Zombie
Roulette Randomly Uses [Death] On One Opponent Or Ally. The Crater. Death Dealer
Shadow Flare Big Non-Elemental Damage On One Opponent. The Crater/Above Cosmo Canyon. Safer Sephiroth/Ultimate Weapon/Dragon Zombie
Trine Lightning Damage On All Opponents. Nibelheim Mts./Wutai/Silva. Materia Keeper/Godo
White Wind Restores HP And Status To All Ally's. Wirlwind Maze/Condor Mts. Zemzelett
???? Does Damage Equal To The Users Max HP/HP. Shinra Mansion/Sector 8. Jersey/Behemoth