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Chocobo Breeding and Racing A chocobo is a birdlike animal that has been seen in many of the Final Fantasy series, but its first major role in a Final Fantasy was in Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII you can breed and race chocobos and earn money, items, and even materia. To start breeding chocobos you must first buy chocobo stalls from Choco Bill. Bill is located at the chocobo farm east of Midgar. You should buy no less than three chocobo stalls. After buying stalls it is now time to start catching wild chocobos. The way you go about catching wild chocobos is to first buy the chocobo lure materia which you should all ready have. Equip this materia to a party member and then you can start hunting for chocobos. You probably all ready know that chocobos can be found anywhere that there are chocobo tracks. What you may not know is that chocobos from different areas have different strengths. Here are the qualities of chocobos from different areas.
Chocobo Ranch Area- poor, weak
Junon Area- Fair, poor
Gold Saucer Area- good, average
Rocket Town Area- Mediocre
Wutai Area- Average, Fair
Icicle Inn Area- Wonderful, Weak
Mideel Area- Great Fair
After Catching a chocobo you will need to go to the ranch and see what type you have gotten you can find this out by what Choco Billy's recommendation is. Here are his assessments and what type of chocobo you have.
Billy's assessments-Chocobo type
"This…is a wonderful chocobo!"- Wonderful
"This is a great chocobo."- Great
"Mmm, this seems like a good chocobo."- Good
"Mmm, this one's not bad."- Fair
"This is a pretty average chocobo."- Average
"This chocobo is so-so."- Mediocre
"This one doesn't seem to be very good."- Poor
"I really can't recommend this one."- Weak
Once you have gotten a chocobo you will need to buy greens to feed them. You can either find wild greens or buy them. Here is a list of various greens and what they do. |Green|Location|Price|+Speed|+Intellect|+Stamina|
If you feed your chocobo greens and it fails to raise its stats then you've maxed out the statistics that green effects. Also greens keep chocobos around longer when in battles. Chocobos also eat nuts, but only when they're breeding. You should never have to buy a nut because the only two nuts you need are the Zeio Nut and the Carob Nut for breeding special chocobos. After Maxing out the stats of a chocobo you should race them before breeding them. Racing chocobos increases their class. Two "S" class chocobos will have a much better chance of breading a special chocobo than two "C" class chocobos. Once you have a male and female chocobo that have been properly trained its time to make a special chocobo. There is a small man that lives on the northern continent named the Chocobo Sage. You need the air ship to reach him but once you do you can ask him all you want about chocobos. He also sells rare greens. The first special chocobo you will need to get is a Mountain (green) or a river (blue) chocobo. To get one of these chocobos you need to mate a 2 great of good chocobos using a Carob nut. You can't buy Carob nuts but they can be stolen from Vlakoados that roam in the forest near bone village. It's not absolute that you will get a special chocobo on your first try so keep on trying. The next chocobo you need to get is a Mountain and River chocobo (black). To get this chocobo you need to mate a Mountain (green) and a River (Blue) Chocobo using a Carob Nut. Once again it is not absolute that you will get a special chocobo on your first try. The next and best chocobo is a Gold chocobo. These rare chocobos can go over anything and can go anywhere. To get this type of chocobo you need to mate a Black Chocobo with a wonderful Chocobo using a Zeio nut. These nuts can be found on a small island northeast of the Chocobo Ranch. The creatures you get these nuts from are called Goblins.
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