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Types of Battles
When it occurs
Pre-emptive Attack
You get always get first strike when this happens
Back Attack
Your rows are reversed, those in back are now in front and visa versa.
Enemies get first strike
Side Attack
Enemies appear between your characters. You get 1st hit.
Attack From Both Sides
Your party appears between the enemies. They get 1st hit.

Battle Commands

Attack-Attacks with equipped weapon

Limit-When the limit gauge is full (after many enemy attacks) you can use your limit break. A special attack that is much stronger than the normal one. You can get more limit breaks by using the current one you have. To set a new limit break level go to the menu then limit. Then select set then select the level you want it on.

Magic-When you equip magic materia you may use magic.

Items-If you have useable items in your inventory then you may use and item with this command.

Change-Changes that character from front to back, or back to front, in the back they take less physical damage but deal less physical damage.

Defend-Physical damage is reduced by half

Run-to escape press and hold the l1 and r1 buttons, may not always work. But will only work when your atb meter is full.

Summon-Summon that particular summon monster.

Enemy Skill-Use skills that were used by enemies

Throw/Coin-Throw a weapon, or money.

Sense-See lvl and hp of enemy, also it's weakness.

Steal/Mug-Steal an item from an enemy or if mugged deal damage and steal an item.
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