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You can reach the ancient forest one of two ways: by either (A) defeating Ultimate Weapon, or (B) Obtaining a Gold Chocobo.

Name How to Use
Insects When placed in a Pitcher Flower, it shuts, creating a bridge or step. It remains so until it is done digesting it. When a flower or frog eats an insect it does not reappear until you leave and enter an area.
Frogs You can place frogs inside Pitcher Flowers like insects, only they cannot be digested. So after a few moments the frog will burst free. If Cloud is on the flower during this time, he will be catapulted to areas he couldn't reach on a normal basis.
Beehives Throwing a Beehive into a Mutant Flytrap is the only way to make it shut it's mouth. But unlike frogs and insects, it remains in there until you leave the area.
Stamen These pink tentacle like vines are used for flinging Cloud to higer ledges or different areas.
Mutant Flytrap It can inflict damage to Cloud and the rest of the party. Most of the time you can work your way around/over one, but sometimes you'll need to give it a beehive.
Hollow Trees Place an insect in front of a hollow tree and you'll lure out a frog. Each tree contains on frog.
Pitcher Flower These flowers can capture frogs and insects, while holding it's prey, it creates a step or bridge to a different area.

Area 1
Monsters: Diablo, Rifsak, Epilonis.

Items: Spring Gun Clip, Supershot ST

To progress to the next area, pick up the three insects near the start and move them towards the pitcher flowers that are blocking your way. Place the first one in from the ledge, and the next insect in the next flower from the one you are currently on. To get the item from the Mutant Flytrap aproach it from the right and barely step on it. You should be able to obtain it without taking any damage.

Area 2
Items: "Slash-All" Materia, Minvera Band

Pick up the insect and jump to the high ledge via the Stamen. Place the insect to the left of the Pitcher Flower so it jumps into it. Once across pick up the frog that's nearby and put it in the left pitcher flower. Now stand on the Pitcher Flower until Cloud is catapulted to the hig ledge to the left, where he can pick up a large beehive. Now take the beehive and set it just to the left of the Mutant Flytrap. This cause it to shut allowing you to obtain the "Slash-All" Materia. Now pick the frog back up and put it in the right pitcher flower. Stand on it until Cloud is catapulted to the right.

Area 3
Items: "Typoon" Materia

Pick up the two insects and place them in the Pitcher Flowers so Cloud can reach the Stamen. This takes him deep to the forest canopy. Follow the limbs up to the right to find the "Typoon" Materia. Now go back all the way to the left, back to Area two to find the Minverva Band. To return to Area three you must use the same tactics involving the frog you did before. Make your way to the treetops and go halfway to the right Walk behind the broken tree limb before the three Stamen, and you'll find a path leading to Area 3. Place an insect in the Pitcher Flower to reach the Beehive. Put the Beehive in the Mutant Flytrap, and then use the second insect to reach the left area again. Grab an insect, and place it in front of the Hollow Tree to lure out a frog. Leave the frog and go grab the other insect. Put the insect in the Pitcher Flower, then grab the frog and go to the right. Place the frog in the Pitcher Flower and stand on it until he is catapulted to the right.

Area 4
Items: Apocalypse, Elixir

Nothing to do here

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